5th Grade 2

Homework 5-2 1/10/2018

Math: Page 433 5-11 (fat math book)

ELA: Page 127-128 worksheet

Social Studies: Morning Star 1-8

Religion: portraits of a priest worksheet

Science: Study: Unit 2 science test tomorrow

  • mineral properties
  • moh’s hardenss scale (know what minerals are hardest and softest)
  • label the three types of rocks
  • describe the rock characteristics
  • describe how each rock type is formed
  • know and describe the rock cycle

REMINDERS: 1.00 dress down is Thursday 1/11/18; January scholastic orders will be closed on Wednesday 1/31/18; all tests and quizzes should be signed and returned to school;

  • Upcoming ELA test and spelling quiz: Wednesday 1/16/18 Hold the Flag High
  • Upcoming math test: Thursday 1/17/18 Unit 2: conversions and order of operations