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Mrs. Cadet

 5th and 8th grade ELA



5th & 8th grade ELA 7th grade Religion

Posted on January 13, 2020

 5th & 8th grade review spelling words for the spelling bee

5th grade Martin Luther King Jr. packet due on Thursday 1/16/19

8th grade Using colons & semicolons worksheet

8th grade work on Descriptive writing project due February 3, 2020

7th grade Religion

Sacrament project due Wednesday January 22, 2020

Chapter 4 read page 45-47 do the faith journal on pg 47 do Faith Focus and Faith Vocabulary on pg 48

5th & 8th grade ELA

Posted on January 6, 2020

5th & 8th grade ELA

New Year packet due Wednesday 1/8/20

December reading log due Wednesday 1/8/20

Writing assignment due Friday 1/10/20

Write a paragraph for each writing prompt. Please include details as this is a creative writing assignment. 

1. Write a creative story about a new machine that can make snow anywhere. Add details 1 paragraph each

2. Bears hibernate all winter. If you could do only one thing all winter, what would it be?

3. To me, peace is…

4. Describe three ways you are important to your family

7th grade Religion 5th & 8th ELA

Posted on December 16, 2019

7th grade

Advent packet

5th grade

Simple and complete subject sheet

Spelling test tomorrow

ELA Christmas Packet 

8th grade

ELA Christmas Packet

Spelling test tomorrow


5th & 8th grade ELA

Posted on December 10, 2019

 5th grade ELA

Complete & Simple Subject Hw. Find the complete subject and simple subject underline complete subject circle simple subject in each sentence. In notebook.

Vocabulary words 1. moisture 2. voyage 3. employ 4. ounce 5. mountain 6. coward 7. allow 8. oyster 9. poise 10. pronounce 11. avoid 12. decoy 13. couch. 14. tower 15. sour 16. destroy 17. bound 18. appoint 19. allowance 20. annoy

Vocabulary 20 words

Tuesday– Write a sentence for each word

Wednesday– Write each word five times each. 

Thursday– write a short story using vocabulary words


8th grade ELA

8-1 & 8-2 reread the passage and complete handout worksheet passage 3 or 4

Vocabulary words 1. bookkeeping 2. occasionally 3. dilemma 4. accommodate 5. perforate 6. transparent 7. persuade 8. pertinent 9. alumnae 10. analysis 11. indices 12. memorandum 13. superior 14. technical 15. personality 16. fragile 17. complimentary 18. contemporary 19. preliminary 20. preparatory 

Vocabulary 20 words

Tuesday– Write a sentence for each word

Wednesday– Write each word five times each. 

Thursday– Write a short story using vocabulary words 


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