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Mrs. Michelle Beadle

 ELA 7-1 || Math 7-1 & Math 7-2 || Math 8-1 & Math 8-2


Junior High Student/Parent Handbook
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8th Grade MATHLETICS Sign In Cards
7th Grade MATHLETICS Sign In Cards
6th Grade MATHLETICS Sign In Cards


REMINDER: You should go on MATHLETICS for at least 15 minutes each day (75 minutes per week). This is averaged into your overall math grade at least twice per trimester.

Easter Break Math Work 7th & 8th Grade

Posted on April 18, 2019

In addition to at least ONE HOUR of MATHLETICS practice, you must also complete your packet or project below:

7-1 and 7-2 Easter Math Packets: download here

8-1 System of Equations Project: download here [Remember to only choose one of the four options, however, a word problem is required]

8-2 Easter Math Packet: download here


Homework for 7-1

Posted on April 11, 2019

Intro Paragraph: How government systems were before the Enlightenment and how they sought to change it. (Absolute Monarchies)

1st body: Contrast the views of Hobbes and Locke using textual evidence. How were their views on government and subjects different?

2nd body: How did Rousseau, Montesquieu and Voltaire view government?

3rd body: Could the Declaration of Independence and American Revolution have occurred without the views and beliefs of these thinkers?

Week of 4/8

Posted on April 8, 2019

Monday 4/8 Tuesday 4/9 Wednesday 4/10 Thursday 4/11 Friday 4/12
ELA 7-1 drafts for Ms. Ciriaco and Ms. Gallway

Assessments and Projects:

Monday 4/1 Tuesday 4/2 Wednesday 4/3 Thursday 4/4 Friday 4/5
Math 7-1 Percent word problems
Math 7-2 percent ditto

Assessments and Projects:

Monday 4/1 Tuesday 4/2 Wednesday 4/3 Thursday 4/4 Friday 4/5
Math 8-1 solve the following problems using substitution:
Math 8-2 Go Math p.256 /#2-7

Assessments and Projects:
3/28 – Quiz on Systems (Graphing & Substitution) (8-2)

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