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to Ms. Golez’s Fourth Grade Class Page for school year 2018- 2019!

Teacher: Ms. Angela L. Golez

Contact email: agolez@olcacademy.net

 Special Subjects:

Gym: Tuesdays 10:10- 10:50 

Spanish & Art (SPART): Wednesdays 1:00-1:40

Music/Band: Thursdays sessions between 8:30 to 11:30

Daily Lunch Break:


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my dear students, for all your hard work this year and for filling my heart with more joy and wonderful memories!


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 Image result for important Important Announcements/Reminders

6/14, 6/17, 6/18 and 6/19 will  be half-days.

Tuesday, 6/18, will be Honors Assembly at 9 A.M.

Wednesday, 6/19, will be the last day of school; No after-school

Friday, 6/7: Projects are overdue; Will NOT accept after Wednesday, 6/12 because it’s year-end:

SCIENCE– STEM prototype due Friday 6/7. (directions handed-out 1 month ago; partly done in class)

SS– Family Tree Chart and Graph due Friday, 6/7 (directions handed-out 2 weeks ago)

Reminder about Mathletics: Please, be reminded that activities in Mathletics that have not been completed, account for incomplete homework. As we approach the end of the year, please, start completing your assigned activities. 

Homework: Parents or guardians should sign the homework planners for every school day that there is homework which is consistently Monday through Thursday. Assessments (tests; quizzes) and finished projects should be signed too. 

Cursive Writing: Cursive writing is to be used in all of the students’ work. Pencils will be used daily. Pens will be an option if the students have completed their writing books and have shown mastery of the cursive strokes when writing sentences and paragraphs. 

Snack: Just a friendly reminder that the students need to bring their own healthy snack from home every school day. Buying of treats such as chips and candy should only be during lunch break when it is accessible in the auditorium, not during snack time in the classroom. 

Allergies: Certain students might have allergies to specific food. Announcements will be made as soon as possible. Your understanding and cooperation will be expected. Thank you. PLEASE, SUBMIT YOUR CHILD’S SIGNED MEDICAL FORMS ABOUT HIS/HER ALLERGIES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  Important Dates: Please, check daily.

Field Trips: 

Final Exams and Projects:

Final Exams: (Math and ELA only)

6/12: Math Final Exam

6/11: ELA Final Exam will include “Trumpet of the Swan”

Year-End Projects (mostly, in-class):

6/7: Math: and Science: STEM Design (prototype) due

6/7 SS Family Tree and Toys Chart:  Immigration projects due

6/7 ELA “The Trumpet of the Swan” In-class work

5/31  SS Original Flags:  Immigration project due

5/31: Religion: Catholic Seasons due 

5/20:  ELA Lap book presentations in-class

5/15: ELA Lap book project due


5/10: Poetry folder (5 poems)

5/3: Religion Easter Tab book  due

4/16: ELA Paul Bunyan American Folk Legend Bio-Poem in-class

4/9-:Math Geometry “Line Art” and “Triangle Living” in-class

4/5: ELA Nature Essay (Facts and Opinions) in-class

4/3: SS American Revolution Artifact Research in-class


Please, note that the assessment dates are subject to change but within the time range rules (latest, 1 week before for tests and latest, 3 days before for quizzes).

6/5: Math Test Chapter 12

5/24:  ELA Grammar Quiz- Verbs; Science Quiz Energy on Waves

5/17: SS Test New York after the Revolution

5/15: Math Quiz Chapter 12 Units of Length and Weight 

5/13: Spelling and Vocab. quiz “The Case of the Gasping Garbage”

5/6: Religion Test Holy Week and Easter;  Spelling and Vocab. quiz “Paul Bunyan” (Bio-poem due- NO comprehension test)

4/30: Easter break packets due: Grammar packet (VERBS), Math packet, Part 1 Lap book; Part 1 STEM Design

4/30: Math Test Geometry

4/15: Math Quiz Geometry; Religion Quiz, “Lent”

4/11: SS Test American Revolution

4/8: ELA Comprehension Test “How Night Came from the Sea”

4/5: Science Unit Test Energy

4/4: Math Test Chapter 7 plus, Fractions and Decimals

3/29: ELA Spelling Quiz “How Night Came from the Sea”

3/26: Science Quiz Forms of Energy and Energy Transfers

3/25: Math Quiz Chapter 7 Fractions- Adding and Subtracting Fractions; Changing from Mixed to Improper and changing back

3/20: ELA Vocab. and Comprehension “Adelina’s Whales”

3/19: ELA Spelling Quiz Homonyms

ELA Selections may be read here:

Unit 4: “Puzzles and Mysteries”

Seeker of Knowledge (Solving Puzzles- The Man who deciphered Hieroglyphics)

Navajo Code Talkers    (Secret Military Coding- Puzzles to the Enemies)

Spelling and Vocabulary Lists:

Unit 3: “Puzzles and Mysteries”

List 12: The Case of the Gasping Garbage  Spelling and Vocab. Lists 12

Grammar Skills:

3rd Trimester:

Review of Parts of Speech is year-round. (N, P, A, V)

Unit 4: Latin and Greek roots of Words, More on Prefixes and Suffixes

Unit 3: VERBS: Past, Present and Future tenses, Main and Helping, Action and Linking, Regular and Irregular, Subject-Verb Agreement

Reading Comprehension Skills:

3rd Trimester:

Unit 4: Characterization in Fiction, More on Informational Texts, More on Graphic Sources and Diagrams to lay-out information or facts

Unit 3: Making Generalizations, Drawing Conclusions, Similes and Metaphors

Math Skills:

3rd Trimester:

Chapter 12-13: Measurement and Data

Chapter 10-11: Geometry

Chapter 9: Fractions and Decimals

Chapter 8: Multiplying Fractions

Chapter 7: Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Improper Fractions,  Mixed Fractions

Important Documents to Download:

4th Grade VocabularyTic TacToe

4th Grade Spelling Menu

Test Corrections FormPlease, keep in mind these are only allowed for tests, not quizzes. All explanations should be thorough and show an understanding of the question/content.  As stated therein, forms will be accepted only WITHIN 3 days after the checked test papers were handed out. For example, if the test papers were handed out on Monday, the forms will be accepted only until Wednesday. Thank you.




4-1 Last School Weeks of 6/10/19-6/19/19

Posted on June 9, 2019

Wednesday, 6/19:

  1. Class Party

Tuesday, 6/18:

  1. Honors Assembly at 9 A.M.

Wednesday, 6/12- Monday, 6/17:

  1. Homeroom– Year-end projects exhibits (til Wed., 6/12 only)
  2. Homeroom– Organizing; Year-end activities; Recap and feedback of the year that was!

Tuesday, 6/11:

  1. Math– FINAL Exam tomorrow, 6/12: Please, do not be absent.
  2. Science and SS projects are overdue; WILL NOT ACCEPT AFTER WEDNESDAY, 6/12

Monday, 6/10:

  1. ELA– FINAL Exam tomorrow, 6/11: Please, do not be absent.
  2. Math– Review Packet 3
  3. Science and SS projects are overdue; WILL NOT ACCEPT AFTER WEDNESDAY, 6/12

4-1 Week of 6/3/19- 6/7/19

Posted on June 3, 2019

Friday, 6/7:

  1. ELA–  Nouns packet due Tuesday, 6/11
  2. Math– Review Packet 3: Geometry and Units of Measurements due Tuesday, 6/11

Thursday, 6/6:

  1. ELA–  Worksheets- Four Types of Sentences
  2. Math– Review Packet 2: Fractions
  3. SCIENCE- STEM project due TOMORROW 6/7
  4. SS- Family Tree and 2 graphs due TOMORROW 6/7
  5. Homeroom- Tomorrow will be half-day

Wednesday, 6/5:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 19-21
  2. Math– Review Packet 2: Fractions

Tuesday, 6/4:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 19-21
  2. Math– Test tomorrow Chapter 12 Units of Length, Weight, Volume and Time

Monday, 6/3:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 17-18
  2. Math– Go Math pages 701, 702, 705 and 706

4-1 Week of 5/28/19-5/31/19

Posted on May 26, 2019

Friday, 5/31: Please, work on your projects if you have not submitted yet.

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 17-18
  2. SCIENCE– STEM prototype due Friday 6/7.
  3. SS– Family Tree and Graphs on Poster paper due Friday, 6/7

Thursday, 5/30:

  1. MATH- Worksheet Elapsed Time. USE your T- STRATEGY. Refer to your notes and other worksheets.
  2. SCIENCE– State test review packet PART 2.
  3. SS– Immigration packet about Flags/Countries of origin due tomorrow, 5/31.

Wednesday, 5/29:

  1. ELA- Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 15-16
  2. ELA- Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe  from Trumpet of the Swan
  3. Math– Worsksheet Units of Time

Tuesday, 5/28:

  1. ELA- Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 15-16
  2. ELA- Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe  from Trumpet of the Swan
  3. Math– Go Math pages 695-696
  4. Science– Science Performance State Tests tomorrow. Please, do NOT be absent. Eat a good breakfast.

4-1 Week of 5/20/19- 5/24/19

Posted on May 20, 2019

Friday, 5/24:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 13-14
  2. SS– Family Tree and Toys Graph projects due 6/7

Thursday, 5/23:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapter 12
  2. ELA– Grammar quiz on Verbs
  3. Math– Worksheet Units of Mass Weight
  4. Science– Quiz on Waves
  5. Homeroom– $1.00 dress down

Wednesday, 5/22:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 10-11
  2. ELA– Verbs worksheet
  3. Math– Go Math pages 683-684
  4. Science– Write down 3 objects that are Transparent, Translucent and Opaque. Science ntbk.
  5. Homeroom– Wall of Fame students dress down

Tuesday, 5/21:

  1. ELA– Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 10-11
  2. ELA– Verbs worksheet
  3. Math– Go Math pages 677 and 678

Monday, 5/20:

  1. ELA- Read Trumpet of the Swan Chapters 8-9
  2. ELA- Lap Book presentations
  3. Science- STEM PART 2 project due June 7
  4. SS- Flag project due May 31
  5. Homeroom- $1.00 dress down
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