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to Ms. Golez’s Fourth Grade Class Page for school year 2019-2020!

Teacher: Ms. Angela L. Golez

Contact email: agolez@olcacademy.net

 Special Subjects: 

P.E.: Mondays 12:15- 1:15 P.M.

Spanish: Wednesdays 12:30- 1:15 P.M.

Band:  Wednesdays After-School

Daily Lunch/Recess: 11:15- 12:15 P.M.

Image result for Advent wreath

 Image result for important Important Announcements/Reminders:

Friday, 12/13: Christmas Show at 6:30 P.M.

Monday, 12/9: School closed for the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion ( holy day of obligation)

Homeroom Reminders:

Morning Snack: Please, try to send healthy snack and a filled water bottle. Soda is not allowed. 

Lunch: The new hot lunch program is on its second cycle; no more fast food deliveries allowed. 

Allergies: A student is allergic to both the smell and taste of peanuts. Please, do not send whole peanuts or any peanut-flavored snack. If your child has been newly-diagnosed with any allergies, please, submit his/her medical records as soon as possible. 

Homework: Parents or guardians should sign the homework planners for every school day that there is homework which is consistently Monday through Thursday. Assessments (tests; quizzes) and finished projects should be signed too. 

Cursive Writing: Cursive writing will be consistently used beginning the second trimester. The first trimester will be allowable adjustment.  Pencils will be used daily. Pens will be used for essays.

  Important Dates: Please, check daily.


Field Trips: 

Liberty Science Center


Math Multi-Cultural Holiday Packet (Multiplication and Division)

ELA Holiday Lights Essay


Tuesday, 12/16: Science Quiz, “Electricity”

Friday, 12/13: Spelling Quiz, “Horse Heroes”

Thursday, 12/12: SS Test Eastern Woodland Tribes

Thursday, 12/12: Math Quiz Chapter 4 Division without Remainders

Tuesday, 12/3: ELA Test Coyote School News inc. Spanish Vocab. and Irregular Plurals

Please, note that the assessment dates are subject to change but within the time range rules (latest, 1 week before for tests and latest, 3 days before for quizzes).

ELA Selections may be read here:

Unit 3: Patterns in Nature

The Man Who Named the Clouds

Unit 2: Teamwork

Horse Heroes

Spelling and Vocabulary Lists:

Spelling and Vocab. Lists 8

Spelling & Vocab. Lists 7

Grammar Skills:

Review: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs (NPAV), 4 Types of Sentences; Suffixes: -ful, -al, -ist, -or, -er, -ing (present tense) and -ed (past tense), -able, -less ; Common and Proper Nouns, Singular and Plural ( also, Irregular Plural) Nouns

Reading Comprehension Skills:

Elements of Fiction: Genre, Author’s Purpose, Setting (Time and Place) Characters, Sequence of Events, Main Idea and Theme; Fact or Opinion, Cause and Effect, RACES strategy

Math Skills:

Review: Multiplication Facts; Unit 1: Zero Strategy, Putting commas, Place Value up the millions, Number Forms, Comparing and Ordering Numbers, Rounding Numbers, Addition with Carrying and Subtraction with Borrowing then, Rounding; Unit 2: Comparison problems; 2-4 digit by 1-digit Multiplication, 2-digit by 2-digit Multiplication

Important Documents to Download:

4th Grade VocabularyTic TacToe

4th Grade Spelling Menu

Test Corrections FormPlease, keep in mind these are only allowed for tests, not quizzes. All explanations should be thorough and show an understanding of the question/content.  As stated therein, forms will be accepted only WITHIN 3 days after the checked test papers were handed out. For example, if the test papers were handed out on Monday, the forms will be accepted only until Wednesday. Thank you.




4-1 Week of 12/10/19- 12/13/19

Posted on December 7, 2019

Thursday, 12/12:

  1. ELA- Spelling quiz, “Horse Heroes”
  2. Math– Go Math page
  3. Science–  Quiz on “Electricity” Monday, 12/16
  4. Homeroom– Christmas show tomorrow; Be back in the classroom latest by 6 P.M. 

Wednesday, 12/11:

  1. ELA
  2. Math– Division quiz Zero Strategy and Division without Remainders
  3. SS– Test the Eastern Woodland tribes

Tuesday, 12/10:

  1. ELA– Spelling Menu “Horse Heroes” Choose 1 from EVALUATE. ELA ntbks.
  2. Math- Division worksheet
  3. SS–  Algonquians and Iroquois review sheet

4-1 Week of 12/2/19-12/6/19

Posted on November 26, 2019

Friday, 12/6:

  1. Homeroom– School closed on Monday, 12/9.
  2. Homeroom– On planner: Please, CONFIRM and SIGN if your child is attending the show.
  3. Homeroom– Flyer sent for payment of tickets.
  4. Homeroom– Bring battery tea light or small flashlight for the Christmas show finale.

Thursday, 12/5:

  1. ELA- Review: Cause and Effect worksheet
  2. Math- Division Word Problems worksheet; Math quiz is postponed to Wednesday, 12/11.
  3. Homeroom- Free dress up for honors’ assembly

Wednesday, 12/4:

  1. ELA- Review: Cause and Effect. Write 3 Causes and Effects about Christmas. ELA ntbks.
  2. Math- Division worksheet
  3. Homeroom- 12 Noon dismissal; you still need to bring lunch.

Tuesday, 12/3:

  1. ELA- “Horse Heroes” worksheet
  2. Math– Workbook page 219
  3. Homeroom– Christmas ornament for tree lighting tomorrow; Christmas show on December 13. Please, reply about suggested costume.

Monday, 12/2:

  1. ELA– Test “Coyote School News” inc. Spanish Vocab and Irregular Plurals
  2. Math–  Go Math page 198
  3. Homeroom- Christmas ornament for tree lighting tomorrow

4-1 Week of 11/25/19- 11/27/19

Posted on November 22, 2019

Tuesday, 11/26:

  1. Math– Thanksgiving packet due Monday, Dec. 2nd.
  2. Math– Mathletics activities at home due Sunday, Dec. 1st.
  3. Homeroom– Thanksgiving party tomorrow; 12NN dismissal; NO after school
  4. Homeroom– Parent conference reply slips due Monday, Dec. 2nd

Monday, 11/25:

  1. Math– Complete Division packets.
  2. ELA– List 5 examples when animals have helped humans. ELA ntbks.
  3. Homeroom– Free dress up for the Thanksgiving luncheon; NEW lunch forms sent starting week of December 2 

4-1 Week of 11/18/19 – 11/22/19

Posted on November 16, 2019

Friday, 11/22:

  1. Homeroom– Thanksgiving party forms and Report Card conferences

Thursday, 11/21:

  1. ELA– Spelling Menu new word from “Horse Heroes”. Choose 1 from ANALYZE.
  2. Math– Go Math pages 187-188
  3. Math– Test Chapter 3
  4. Homeroom- $1.00 dress down

Wednesday, 11/20:

  1. ELA– Vocab. Tic Tac Toe new vocab. from “Horse Heroes”
  2. Math– Go Math pages 183

Tuesday, 11/19:

  1. ELA– Spelling quiz on “Coyote School News” Irregular Plurals
  2. Math- Go Math page 180
  3. Science– Workbook page 91

Monday, 11/18:

  1. ELA-  Worksheet, “Coyote School News”
  2. Math– Go Math page 177
  3. Science– Workbook pages 88-89
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