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to Ms. Golez’s Fourth Grade Class Page for school year 2018- 2019!

Teacher: Ms. Angela L. Golez

Contact email: agolez@olcacademy.net

 Special Subjects:

Gym: Tuesdays 10:10- 10:50 

Spanish & Art (SPART): Wednesdays 1:00-1:40

Music/Band: Thursdays sessions between 8:30 to 11:30

Daily Lunch Break:


 Image result for important Important Announcements/Reminders

    Image result for Winter animated Wishing everyone a fun but restful Winter break! 


Monday, 1/25: 1 ELA packet and 2 Math packets due 

Homework: Parents or guardians should sign the homework planners for every school day that there is homework which is consistently Monday through Thursday. Assessments (tests; quizzes) and finished projects should be signed too. 

Cursive Writing: Cursive writing is to be used in all of the students’ work. Pencils will be used daily. Pens will be an option if the students have completed their writing books and have shown mastery of the cursive strokes when writing sentences and paragraphs. 

Snack: Just a friendly reminder that the students need to bring their own healthy snack from home every school day. Buying of treats such as chips and candy should only be during lunch break when it is accessible in the auditorium, not during snack time in the classroom. 

Allergies: Certain students might have allergies to specific food. Announcements will be made as soon as possible. Your understanding and cooperation will be expected. Thank you. PLEASE, SUBMIT YOUR CHILD’S SIGNED MEDICAL FORMS ABOUT HIS/HER ALLERGIES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  Important Dates: Please, check daily.

New York State Tests: (Please, do not be absent on these dates.)

ELA Written only-:April 2-4

Math Written only: May 1-3

Science Performance: May 22-24

Science Written: June 3

Field Trips: 

New York Historical Society (SS American Revolution)- April 2019

Queens County Farm Museum (Science Agriculture/Engineering)- May 2019


3/2019: Science STEM project

2/11: ELA  Teamwork Essay 

1/28/19- Science Campaign Posters “Endangered Animals”

1/17/2019: Social Studies Research Paper and Project : Topics about the “Civil War and New York State” 

1/2/2019: Math Christmas Break Packets due

12/19/18: ELA Essay “My Three Christmas Wishes”

12/5: Science Plant Dissection (In-class)

Second Trimester


Please, note that the assessment dates are subject to change but within the time range rules (latest, 1 week before for tests and latest, 3 days before for quizzes).

2/28: SS Quiz Colonial Life in New York; Beginnings of the American Revolution

2/27: Science Test”Animals”

2/25: Winter Break packets due

2/14: Religion Quiz “The 10 Commandments” (Sessions 21-24)

2/14: Math Quiz Chapter 5-  Prime and Composite Numbers; Divisibility, and Review of Factors and Multiples (3rd Grade skills)

2/12: ELA Spelling and Vocabulary Quiz “Horse Heroes” Words with Consonant Pairs; Teamwork Essays due. NO Comprehension Test

2/7: Math Test Chapter 4 Division 

ELA Selections may be read here:

Unit 3: “Patterns in Nature”

Paul Bunyan

How Night Came from the Sea

Adelina’s Whales

The Man Who Named the Clouds

Spelling and Vocabulary Lists:

Unit 3: “Patterns in Nature”

List 11: Paul Bunyan

List 10: How Night Came

List 9: Adelina’s Whales

List 8: The Man Who Named the Clouds Spelling and Vocab. Lists 8

Grammar Skills:

2nd Trimester:

Unit 2:  Review of Parts of Speech (Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives and Verbs), Regular and Irregular Plurals, Common and Proper Nouns, Synonyms and Antonyms

Prefixes (un-, dis-, de-, non); Suffixes (-ful, -al, -ist, -less, -able), Word Endings (-ed and -ing; -er and -or)

Reading Comprehension Skills:

2nd Trimester:

Unit 2: Cause and Effect; Fact or Opinion; Citation of Evidence; Citation of Sources (books, websites)

Math Skills:

2nd Trimester:

Chapter 6: Fractions- Equivalent Fractions, Simplest Forms, Common Denominators, Tape Diagrams 

Chapter 5: Factors and Multiples; Prime and Composite Numbers; Patterns

Chapter 4: Division- Dividing by 10s, 100s, 1000s; Rounding/Estimating and Dividing,  Properties: Distributive, Partial Quotients, Repeated Subtraction (Traditional); Word Problems

Chapters 2 and 3: Multiplication- Multiplying by 10s, 100s, 1000s; Rounding and Multiplying,  Properties 1-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit: Distributive, Expanded, Partial Products, Area Models, Word Problems

Important Documents to Download:

4th Grade Spelling Menu

Test Corrections FormPlease, keep in mind these are only allowed for tests, not quizzes. All explanations should be thorough and show an understanding of the question/content.  As stated therein, forms will be accepted only WITHIN 3 days after the checked test papers were handed out. For example, if the test papers were handed out on Monday, the forms will be accepted only until Wednesday. Thank you.




4-1 Week of 2/11/19- 2/15/19

Posted on February 11, 2019

Friday, 2/15: 1/2 Day

  1. ELA- 1 packet due 2/25
  2. Math– 2 packets due 2/25
  3. Science– Test on Animals Unit 2/27

Thursday, 2/14:

  1. MATH- Go Math pages 331-332
  2. Homeroom- ½ Day; Sports Day $2.00

Wednesday, 2/13:

  1. ELA– Spelling Menu List  “Words Ending in -ed and -ing”. Choose 1 from APPLY. ELA ntbk.
  2. Math– Go Math pages 295-296
  3. Math– Quiz Chapter 5 Factors and Multiples;  Divisibility;Prime and Composite Numbers
  4. Religion- Quiz The 10 Commandments

Tuesday, 2/12:

  1. ELA- Worksheet Spelling (Spiral)
  2. MATH: Division Worksheet (Spiral)
  3. MATH: Go Math pages 309-310

Monday, 2/11:

  1. ELA– Spelling and Vocab. Quiz “Horse Heroes”
  2. Math- CENTER 1: Go Math pages 283-284
  3. Math- CENTER 2: Go Math pages 283-284, 303-304
  4. Science- Work book page 323
  5. Homeroom–  Spirit Week Twin/Triplet Day $2.00

4-1 Week of 2/4/19- 2/8/19

Posted on February 2, 2019

Friday, 2/8:

  1. Writing– Complete at least, 5 pages.
  2. Homeroom- Monday, 2/11 is Spirit Week Blue and Gold dress down

Thursday, 2/7

  1. Math- CENTER 1: Go Math pages 263-264
  2. Math- CENTER 2: Go Math pages 269-270
  3. SS- Worksheet Colonial Life in New York
  4. Religion- Page 145

Wednesday, 2/6:

  1. ELA– Finish your Teamwork drafts with Conclusion
  2. Math- Chapter 4 Test- Division
  3. Math- CENTER 1: Go Math pages 257-258
  4. Math- CENTER 2: Go Math pages 263-264
  5. Writing- Complete at least 3 pages.

Tuesday, 2/5:

  1. ELA- Write 3 facts and 3 opinions about 1 animal. ELA ntbk.
  2. Math- Worksheet Division 0 Strategy
  3. Science- Workbook page 314
  4. Homeroom- $1.00 dress down

Monday, 2/4:

  1. ELA- Fact or Opinion worksheet
  2. Math- CENTER 1: Go Math pages 212-213
  3. Math- CENTER 2: Math Crosswalk pages 174-175. Math ntbk.
  4. Science- Workbook page 308

4-1 Week of 1/28/19- 2/1/19

Posted on January 24, 2019

Friday, 2/1:

  1. Homeroom– $1.00 dress down Monday, 2/4.

Thursday, 1/31:

  1. Math- Division problems. Math ntbk. 
  2. DIRECTION: Solve for the quotients with remainders.    ___                 ___                 ____                ____          ___

    8/439              3/79                 6/297              4/555         7/92

  3. Math- Division Mathletics due Sunday 2/3
  4. Religion- Workbook page 133
  5. Writing- Complete at least 3 pages.

Wednesday, 1/30:

  1. ELA– Use each new Vocabulary word in a sentence. Total of  8 sentences. ELA ntbk. 
  2. Math–  Worksheet Division with Remainders. 
  3. Math- New assigned Mathletics activities due 2/3
  4. Homeroom– Free dress DOWN

Tuesday, 1/29:

  1. ELA- Spelling Menu for Spelling List 7 (“Horse Heroes” ). Choose 1 from  ANALYZE. ELA ntbk.
  2. Math– Worksheet Division with Remainders
  3. Math– New assigned Mathletics activities due 2/3
  4. Science-  Workbook page 301
  5. Homeroom– Free Dress Up

Monday, 1/28:

  1. ELA– Test “Coyote School News”; vocabulary; prefixes and suffixes; Parts of Speech (N, P, A, and V)
  2. Math– Go Math pages 207-208 Division with Remainders
  3. Math–  New assigned Mathletics activities due 2/3
  4. Homeroom- NO GYM TOMORROW. Free Dress Up

4-1 Week of 1/22/19- 1/25/19

Posted on January 15, 2019

Friday, 1/25:

  1. SS– Test The Easter Woodland Tribes- the Algonquians and the Iroquois

Thursday, 1/24:

  1. ELA- Quiz Spelling Irregular Plurals
  2. Science–  List 3 facts about an endangered animal. Science ntbk.
  3. Homeroom- $1.00 dress down
  4. Religion– “One Good Deed” project for Religion Day overdue
  5. SS– Civil War Project- Research Paper and Board Display overdue

Wednesday, 1/23:

  1. Math– Quiz Division with NO remainders- Distributive Property and Repeated Subtraction
  2. Religion– Quiz Sessions 3, 4, and 5
  3. Religion– “One Good Deed” project for Religion Day due
  4. SS– Civil War Project- Research Paper and Board Display overdue

Tuesday, 1/22:

  1. ELA- Worksheet Cause and Effect
  2. Math- Division problems in Math ntbk. Use  TRADITIONAL or REPEATED SUBTRACTION  207/9     225/5     96/8     124/4     238/7
  3. Religion– “One Good Deed” project for Religion Day due
  4. Homeroom- FIELD TRIP tomorrow. School uniform. Packed lunch.
  5. SS– Civil War Project- Research Paper and Board Display due
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