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Mrs. Benn & Mrs. Brown

Gym- will be every Monday

Spanish– Thursday

Every week a homework package will be given out it will be due on Friday.

The last page of the homework packet is a reading log it must be signed.

Week 4/5-4/9

Posted on April 5, 2020

Important Reminders for upcoming week and week after: ( 4/5-4/9; 4/13-4/17) CLASSES WILL RESUME ON MONDAY APRIL 20th. We will Zoom on Monday April 6th @ 11.00 am. You can contact me on these 3 platforms for communication: Google classroom, Class Dojo, and OLCA classpage. 

  1. Holy week begins Sunday, April 5th, with PALM SUNDAY, it is the holiest week of the year. It reminds us that our all-powerful God, in the person of Jesus Christ, was willing to endure all sufferings through cruel death to prove his love of us. Palm Sunday marks the day when the people sang praise to Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. It was a day when the hearts of people overflowed with love and devotion for him. As we celebrate with families at home, with worship and dinners, let the children use their Palm leaves they made last week to wave and welcome Jesus as if they were there in the crowds. Have them say, HOSANNA! HOSANNA! Jesus would be very proud of them during this Lenten season. The rest of the week will follow with Holy Thursday, the day Jesus ate his last supper with the people, and prayed as he considered his family. It’s a day when families celebrate with traditional foods as well. Good Friday is the most serious day in the church’s year, the day when Jesus was crucified to the cross. This selfless sacrifice reminds us to reflect on ourselves and examine our conscience. We are asked to show the same level of love to each other as Jesus showed to us, as we often realize we don’t care for each other. Let us use this time to celebrate each other and following our family meal we have a short rite of reconciliation. Each person should be encouraged to think about how he or she needs to say I am sorry in the family. Please invite the kids to get involved! This should be an interesting and fun time as well. Holy Saturday is when all of Jesus’ friends were heartbroken believing that their leader was gone forever. This day became a day of sorrow and emotional turmoil. On Easter Sunday, we know that Jesus rose from the dead, his resurrection on the first Easter continues to show us the light, and give us hope and life. He suffered, he died and he rose so we can also celebrate the new life. Let us remember, every time we give ourselves to someone else, and every act of kindness we engage in is a sharing of Jesus’s love through his death and Resurrection! Have a Blessed Easter Pre-2 Families  
  2. Homework/ Classwork week: 4/6-4/9 

          Math/ ELA:

  •   Monday 4/6: Fill in missing numbers 1-10; I spy the Easter page, color to show number 7; trace letter Xx;     finish alphabet A-Z by filling in missing letters.


  • Tuesday 4/7: Color, count and write number names to match sets; Follow the X path from start to finish; Illustrate on Easter Bunny page… If I were an Easter bunny, what would I do?


  • Religion/ SS: Continue to talk about Essential workers and invite children to pray for their safety. Children will also watch the story of Easter which will be provided via Google classroom.


  • Discuss Holy Week, Palm Sunday and how they had celebrated using the palm leaves they made in last week’s lesson via Zoom. Continue with watching a taped video of the teacher explaining the holy week and teacher will read the story of the Miracle of Easter. Children will Illustrate their favorite part, design their own cross and share in google classroom. For extra special weekend artwork, children are encouraged to make Easter banner with families. Be sure to include their names and a title that reflects Easter. Share in google classroom when we return after the break. Have fun working on your project!

Week 3/30-4/3

Posted on March 28, 2020

Reminders: We will Zoom 2x per week, Mondays and Thursdays! Our first Zoom session will begin on Monday, March 30th at 10.30 am. Thursday’s time for Zoom is yet to be announced.

Kindly check google classroom daily for classwork, You have a homework packet for this week in your possession.

ELA: A new letter of the week Ww. Name, shape, and short sound,/w/, of W. Auditory identification & discrimination of the initial /w/. Handwriting Ww, Review of colors.

Math: Review of numbers and numerals 1-10, recognizing numbers, reading numbers and counting, understanding number order.

Religion: The 5th week of Lent: Our theme is Reinforcing Values. Discuss we have personal rights. What is mine? What are yours? your parents? We will pray as a class family for everyone around the world to be safe via Zoom.

S.S: Design posters at home to show their awareness and support for family and friends who are called to work during Covid 19 crisis. Display posters in their windows so that their neighbors and passersby can feel their love and prayers. This will be a very fun learning experience.



Posted on March 24, 2020

Our Google Classroom is up and running, hope everyone is doing well. I am still waiting on 4 students to join and then we will be 100% active. You must check Google Classroom, class page, and Class Dojo as they are all sources for communication. Have a great day everyone, stay safe! 

Class Dojo code

Posted on March 20, 2020

Please sign up for Class Dojo I have sent every parent an invite through email.

We will be able to communicate more using this program.

If you have an issues or concerns please email me

Also please sign up with google classroom with your child’s emails. My classroom code is 4xmgzvj

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