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Mrs. Benn & Mrs. Brown

Gym- will be every Monday

Spanish– Thursday

Every week a homework package will be given out it will be due on Friday.

The last page of the homework packet is a reading log it must be signed.

week 6/15 – 6/17

Posted on June 16, 2020

Pre – K 2 ” STEP – UP ” CEREMONY WILL BE HELD ON JUNE 17TH, 2020, AT 1.00 PM

Congratulations to the Pre-k2 class of 2020!

We are so proud of you, and all you have accomplished during the academic year. Thank you, to our parents, who have done a phenomenal job especially, during Distance learning. Your commitment and dedication during this pandemic are greatly appreciated. Good Luck, in Kindergarten, and have a great summer! We will miss you, Boys and girls! Stay safe everyone!

My Favorite Dr. Seuss Quote : 




Mrs. Benn plan week 6/8 – 6/12

Posted on June 7, 2020


Important Announcement: PRE – K2 Step-Up Virtual Ceremony will take on June 17, 2020, at 1.00 pm.

Daily morning Routine – Use a website to reinforce days of the week, months of the year, weather check-up, children will copy a daily journal which includes name and date for each day of the week, sentence to describe the daily weather condition, and a sentence to say how they feel every day. Be sure to include some form of daily exercise for the kids. Monday -Thursday copy word families, read, write, and draw your own -ox, -ut, -ap, -ip, and -ig words. Use the new sight word, (have) it in a sentence. Use some of the ”word families” and previously taught sight words in simple telling sentences as well. 

    box   fox   ox  

    cut    hut   nut

    cap   map  nap

    lip     dip    zip

    pig    big    wig

Sight word have


Copy the numbers 1- 50, by 1’s and copy counting by 10’s to 100


Google classroom Homework/ Classwork assignments

ELA- Look at pictures and write simple telling sentences about the pictures. Write sentences correctly by using previous knowledge- begin sentences with capital letters and use a period at the end of each sentence. Name pictures and Identify beginning sounds and circle letters that stand for each sound. Review color words- red- blue-and-green, use picture clues to write and answer specific questions about the color of a hat. Use a word box to write simple sentences and draw pictures to illustrate each sentence.


cat         hat        I     have      mat     bat      rat

A    a     box     you       the     The       You         fox

see      van       hat      man    pig     fat     nut     in

net      pet      on     bed     red      dog    log    wig


MATH – New math topic -Subtraction

Count how many in all, next, write how many are taken away, then, how many are left. Review numbers 1- 20, order numbers 1-20, fill in missing numbers to show before, after in the middle. Color to show equal/same number, more than less than.


Specials- Google meets on Monday 6/8 Virtual Scavenger hunt!

                  Google meets Friday 6/12 Draw/color a butterfly/show and tell

Mrs. Benn Plan week 5/26 – 5/ 29

Posted on May 27, 2020

Morning written work:

Use a website to reinforce Calendar, weather, months of the year, days of the week, sing and greet songs and daily exercise routine.

Introduce new family words to copy and write in simple telling sentences.(Monday- Friday)

Correct and write simple sentences using capital letters and periods in their proper places. Review sight words and use them in simple sentences as well. Model and Solve simple addition sentences and  Copy numbers 1-10, 1-25, 1-30 daily. All morning written will be submitted on google classroom.

Word Families:


  bat    cat   fat   mat   sat  hat   rat


   fun   nun  bun   run shun  sun


   sip   dip   lip   rip  nip  hip   zip 


get  wet  set  met  pet  vet 

Review sight words

I,  a , see,  the, The, new ,sight

word for the week you, You


Classwork/Homework on google classroom                                                                                      


ELA- Cut, paste and sort family words; Color family words to discover mystery pictures ; write family words for practice; identify and write the letter that stands for the initial sound in family words; use the sight words and family words to write simple telling sentences. 


MATH- Ordering numbers 0 -10, 1 -25, 1 -30; do some practice work on modeling and adding simple additional sentences; Count-on and fill in missing numbers; review graphing activity sheet.


Specials :Parents will be invited to videotape their children reading simple sentences and share videos on google classroom. ( No pressure, this will be optional) They can also share special moments as well. Show and tell will be on Friday may 29th at 11.30 am. Children can dress in their pajamas and “show and tell”  their favorite stuffed animals.

Have a blessed weekend!


Plan for week 5/18-5/22

Posted on May 18, 2020

Morning routine check-up- Children will use a website to go over Calendar, Weather, Months of the year, and days of the week. Copy morning message which includes their name, the name for each day, “an“ family words, and new sight words for the week. Write simple sentences using family and sight words. Follow rules and practice writing simple telling sentences by starting the sentence with a capital letter, remember to write a period at the end of each telling sentence, and include a complete thought in a sentence to make sense. On Google Meets 5/18 -Teacher will model a lesson on what is a sentence, identify simple telling sentences and review the rules to follow( it starts with a capital letter and ends with a marking sign) ; (you need to write a period at the end of each telling sentence).

                     “ an “ family             sight words         Sentences to read and copy.

                                                                                      The man is in the van.

                      fan                            The  the                 The cat is on the mat.

                      man                                                          I see a cat.

                      can                            see  I                      I see a mat.

                       ran                                                           I see a cat on the mat.

                      Dan                                                           I see a red van.





Google classroom classwork/Homework

ELA: Identify and read family words, trace and write family words, identify rhyming words, circle the mistakes in sentences, correct and rewrite sentences by rewriting with capital letters, and including the marking sign at the end. Identify sentences that are complete and copy. Write sentences that make a little story by choosing the correct word to complete the story.

MATH: Identify groups, write numbers, add one more to each group and write the new number; add two more and write new numbers; solve simple addition sentences, count carefully, compare groups and circle to show more and less; circle objects in a row to show one less and one more. 

Specials: Watch a video on Google classroom Friday 5/22“ The giving tree ” by Shel Silverstein “ and draw a picture showing a favorite event from the story. Discuss your favorite part, think about a caption for your part, and have your parents write it on scrap paper. You can copy the caption on your drawing sheet provided. We will discuss the story on Friday on Google Meets.

Show and Tell”  will be replaced this week with “Crazy Hat Day” on Friday 5/22, you can use items around the house to decorate your crazy hat. Be creative, children will wear their crazy hats on google meets, this should be fun and a great conversation piece as well.

Have a great week everyone!

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