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Mrs. Caitlin Ingoglia


*will resume when we return*





Prodigy Online Math

Your child is using Prodigy as part of their mathematics curriculum. Prodigy is a targeted, rewarding and captivating online learning resource, which is aligned to curriculum standards.  Prodigy will be assigned on a weekly basis as part of the students homework routine.   Your child has take-home access to Prodigy – they simply sign in with their school username and password using any compatible computer or mobile device. The extra Prodigy practice at home is individualized and can make all the difference to your child’s progress. 


 Morning and Afternoon Procedures

Students will be dropped off at the main door and the children will go right into the classroom.

Second Grade will be dismissed outside at the door to the far left (closest to the church/teachers parking lot.) We dismiss at 2:55pm. On days of inclement weather, we will wait inside but please still come to that door. Please note that this is not a door that can gain you access into the school building. Please let me know if you need to set up an arrangement so that your child can be picked up in the same location as their sibling. I am here to help!


Homework allows parents to have an active role in their child’s education and helps them to evaluate their child’s progress. Homework is an important time to make connections and reflect; on self, family, friends, new or familiar information, and the world beyond. What you present to your children will determine the heights they will climb to continue to maintain their academic success. Please be sure that your child is completing all of their homework every night. If there is an outstanding circumstance on any particular night, please let me know.
*All student workbooks must be covered. 
They must be covered in clear contact paper (colored is fine as long as they can see the cover of their book.) 

*Parent signatures are required each night in the “initials” section of your child’s daily planner.

Individual signatures on each piece of homework is not required.


* Our Healthy Snack time will be 10:00 am.
Please see guidelines for appropriate snack choices in your ‘Back to School’ folder.

Additional Math Directives:

* Student standards require children to master addition and subtraction within 100 by the end of 2nd Grade. Until I feel confident this has occurred, we will dedicate time for both in all of our upcoming units.  Daily math practice at home, particularly in these two very important skills are highly encouraged. It is difficult to move on to harder concepts without mastering the basic skills of addition and subtraction.


* Check in with your child about our class Problem Solving Strategies. We are working to strengthen our ability to dissect and successfully complete tricky word problems that are part of our Math Curriculum. We use these skills daily in class, but an understanding of this will also help your child succeed in the future 🙂

*We also set class goals and personal goals at the beginning of each unit. Have conversations with your children about what their personal goals are. You might be surprised!! These goals have meant a lot to them and they are working hard to achieve them!


*Students will be given a daily quiz in Mathematics. This daily quiz will consist of a couple of problems to be solved (addition, subtraction, word problems, measurement, etc.) The quiz will be taken before the beginning of our daily Mathematics lesson. The quizzes will be tabulated into a final grade every week out of a total of 50 points (10 points per day). This is to keep track of their understanding, and allows me to formally assess them more frequently. I hope that this will be a useful tool for all of us!


“Grammar Challenge Thursday”

*Thursdays will be “Grammar Challenge Thursdays.”  Different aspects of proper grammar will be practiced and assessed on these days.  Some examples are sentence structure, reading comprehension, punctuation, finding errors in writing, etc.  Like Math Drills, these assessments can be kept at home and practiced when needed.  They do not need to be returned with other assessments in the Testing Folder.


“Math Drill Wednesday”

We will be implementing Math Drills on Wednesdays of every week, unless otherwise noted.  We will begin with 1 digit addition and subtraction for the time being.    Math instruction must include practice time for students. Students in all grades benefit from practice because it deepens their understanding and increases familiarity with the material. Similarly, drills are useful to reinforce and practice more rote knowledge and skills. Students benefit from practice because they are able to apply knowledge through interaction. Students connect with the material when they work with texts and concepts beyond a one-time exposure. When students practice using the knowledge through application, they connect with information on a deeper level. While drills used to be associated with a regimented style of instruction, they do have a place. Drills are used successfully when teaching students technique. For instance, when children are learning addition, they can do drills on each number set to help them memorize; they can then proceed to more difficult concepts that use the information obtained from drills. In physical education and music, coaches and teachers use drills as a method to hone skills that need repetition for improvement. Additionally, students can use this technique with one another for shared learning opportunities. These timed drills may be new to the students at first, but as time goes on the goal is to improve both time and accuracy in these basic but necessary Math skills.  These can also be used to highlight strength and weaknesses in computation skills, so we will know what to assist the children with both at school and at home.



Spanish: Monday
Physical Education: Friday (Google Classroom Code: gkalfxf)



Do Now/Attendance:

It is imperative to log on and complete the daily Do-Now between 8:30am and 9:30am.  Any child who logs in and completes the Do Now by 9:15am will be marked present for the day.  Anyone who completes it by 10:00am will get credit for the day but will be marked late.  Anyone after 10:00am will be marked absent for the day.  That being said, if you come after 10:00am it is still your responsibility to complete your work- just like it would be if you were absent from the building.

*I have seen some late-nighters on the classroom posts lately.  In the event that I happen to post a Do-Now in advance (the night before) it may not be completed then.  This is attendance as much as it is a Do-Now.  These are time-stamped so I will know 😉


Submitting Work on Google Classroom:

This has greatly improved as we all get used to it.  Just a friendly reminder that submitting work via email or Class Dojo will not give students credit. If there is an issue- email me and we will figure it out!

I understand that the kids definitely need help with this (I wish someone would help me over here!!) but the work really does need to be done by them.  Parents can help typing when need be but it will not do the kids any justice to have work done for them.  They are still in school.  


Class Dojo:

A detailed email was sent home regarding Class Dojo.  Please read it and contact me with your “Home Prize” incentives if you choose to do so.


Commenting on Posting:

Please refrain from posting “done” when you are done with your work.  I will see who submitted, and who didn’t submit, the assignment from my end.  If you want to say “good morning” please do so ONLY in the Do Now post for the day.  Many kids are posting “good morning” posts or “hi” in the classrooms which is throwing off the balance of the alert system.  I only count attendance based on the Do Now completion.  Saying “good morning” will not count the child as present for the day.

If you want to comment on things and talk to myself or classmates- you may do so in the discussion board.  Again, lets keep this relevant like it’s a real classroom discussion.  I will be opening more and more discussion boards in the Homeroom and other classes as the week goes on.  Check those out if you want to chat.



I will provide feedback on assignments by using the private commenting feature.  This will go only to you and only you and I will be able to view it. It is not public commenting.  Ask me any specific questions you want here.  This way it will all be organized.


Kahn Academy/ Epic Books and Happy Numbers:

Please make sure you are active with your account on Kahn Academy/Epic Books and Happy Numbers.  Whenever I assign you work on there- I will also post in Google Classroom’s Math Class as a reminder.




We will continue using Zoom to see each other live and conference (the kids and myself)


Go Math Online:

I am waiting for a login address to explore if we can work directly in the workbooks online.  For now we are using the textbook.  Until then- here is a link with awesome videos for the kids that go along with each lesson in their workbook.  They are interactive and we use them in class all the time, so the kids know what to do!



Thank you for your support!  Please know that I miss seeing the kids and would much rather be in class with them!  

-Mrs. Ingoglia


**will resume when we return to school**
**online ordering will still give us points for our classroom!**
Online Class Code: QJH9F
Online Book Catalog:
Writing Journals are due EVERY week and must be submitted by Friday.  Failure to do so, will affect the children’s’ eligibility for Wall of Fame for that Month, as well as affecting their E.L.A. and homework grade. Please make sure your child dates the entry, writes the topic and responds with at least 4 sentences.  Illustrations are always allowed. 


*Spelling Menu Assignments are to be completed Monday-Thursday.  Students may chose any prompt on their menu on these nights.  Please complete assignments in their ELA notebooks.

Second Grade Spelling Menu

*Prodigy is now part of our daily homework routine.  Please help your child gain access to Prodigy on your computers or mobile devices.  The assignments will pop up once you log in. All assignments are due to be completed by Monday morning.







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