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Email: Kgabb@olcacademy.net

Zoom Schedule

5-1… 9:00 AM 

5-2… 9:30 AM

6-1… 10:00 AM 

6-2… 10:30 AM 

Online Classes:

Each day you will receive a Do Now question. This will count as your attendance. The Do Now must be completed by 11 am. For my homeroom 5-2 you must make sure you complete the DO NOW by 9:30! No Exceptions!

I will be available via email or google classroom to answer any questions or concerns between the hours of 8 Am- 12 PM then 1 PM- 3 PM

Lastly, there will be daily assignments in which you will need to complete and submit by 3 pm. No exceptions! If for whatever reason you can’t upload the assignment to google classroom you may also e-mail me. Homework is always due the next day at 3:00 PM.

Any other questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me. We are going to make this work during this tough time.


Fifth Grade will be focusing on The Water Cycle and Weather. 

5-1 Google Classroom Code: mia27bz

5-2 Google Classroom Code: zk636zh


6th Science:

Sixth Grade will be focusing on Forces.

6-1 Google Classroom Code: eoijhl4

6-2 Google Classroom Code: v5y4xmn

5- 2 Religion :

5-2 Google Classroom Code: 56lqi5u




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