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Important Dates for January:

– January 17th: SCHOOL CLOSED…. EPAC PD

– January 20th: NO SCHOOL

– January 24th: 12:00 Dismissal… Faculty Meeting

– January 27th: Open School

– January 28th: Math Bee…

– January 29th: Spelling Bee

– January 30th: Multi Cultural Day…. Celebration 9:00 a.m.. Parents are welcome to attend. 

– January 31st: Student Appreciation Day. 

Multicultural Dance Videos: 




– Students for this chapter will be focusing on Growth and Survival. 

6th Science:

– Students for this chapter will be focus on Atoms and Bonding. 



5- 2 Religion :

  • Test on Thursday on The Three Kings and Jesus’ Baptism. 
  • Homework: Jesus’ Baptism Worksheet



Homework 5-2 2/12-2/16

Posted on February 12, 2018

Upcoming projects:  Black History Month Project Due 2/26


Math: K5-Learning Worksheet #1-8

ELA: Scholastic Helping and Main Verb WS Page 38

Monday Spelling Menu (different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

SS:Black History Questions Due Tomorrow 

Science: Study: Nutrition Quiz Wednesday


Math: k5-Learning Worksheet

ELA: Main and Helping Verbs WS; Finish verb packet; Part I and II Valentine’s Day Essay Rough Draft; Finish Vocab Packet

Tuesday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

Science: Study: Nutrition Quiz Wednesday


Math: Page 279 #3-4

ELA: Main and Helping Verb Multiple Choice

Wednesday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday


Math: CommonCore Adding and Subtracting Fractions Sheet #1

ELA: Finish essay final draft

Thursday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

Homework 5-2 1/29/2018

Posted on January 29, 2018

Math: Fractions Worksheet and Study: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Quiz Wednesday

ELA: Compare and Contrast Worksheet and Linking and Action Verbs Worksheet and Study: Ch’i Lin Test and Spelling Quiz on Friday

Science: Bring in 2 Nutrition Labels by Thursday


Homework 5-2 1/25/18

Posted on January 25, 2018

ELA: Essay 2 and 3; Page 85 and 88 worksheet

Social Studies: Study early European explorers vocabulary, morning girl notes, Columbus primary documents, and Colombian Exchange. 

Math: P128-P128

Religion: Study session 11-z13 review sheets quiz tomorrow.


Social Studies Quiz Monday

Math Fractions Quiz Wednesday

ELA Ch’i Lin Purse  Test and Spelling Quiz Friday


Posted on January 23, 2018

ELA: Tuesday spelling menu and verb worksheet; Hold the Flag High Test Corrections due tomorrow 

Math: R51

Religion: Session 12 Review  Quiz Friday Session 11-13

Social Studies: Early Europeans: Quiz Monday 

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