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Email: Kgabb@olcacademy.net

Scholastics Class Code: QJTRN


  • Hello Parents, we are in need of some classroom supplies such as paper towels, tissues and hand sanitizer. Any contributions to the classroom is greatly appreciated. Also students need scissors and glue for future art projects. 

  • Students must wear BLACK sneakers with their uniforms. NO other colors must be visible. 

Important Dates for December:


^^ Video for 5th grade Christmas show Dance. Please practice. 

  • December 2nd- New Lunch Cycle Begins

  • December 4th- Lighting of OLCA Christmas Tree. Please bring an ornament. 

  • December 5th- 12:00 Dismissal…. Report Card Distribution 12:30-2:00 and 3:00-7:00

  • December 6th- Honors Assembly 8:45 (Dress Up)  and 10:00 Mass

  • December 9th- NO SCHOOL

  • December 13th- Christmas Show… $10… Students can wear anything festive. 

  • December 16-17th- Christmas Shop Opens 

  • December 18th- Ugly Sweater Day

  • December 20th- Class Party…. Information will be given out on a later date. 

  • *** Christmas break begins on December 23rd and classes resume January 6th. 


  • Science Test on Forces is moved to December 4th! Please make sure students are going over Newton’s Three Laws of Motion over the break. 

6TH Science:

  • Science test is on Tuesday, December 10th on states of Matter. 
  • Complete Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Review on page 71. Do not do Question #6


5- 2 Religion :

  • Workbook pages 48-51 do all activities on the bottom of each page. 


Homework 5-2 2/12-2/16

Posted on February 12, 2018

Upcoming projects:  Black History Month Project Due 2/26


Math: K5-Learning Worksheet #1-8

ELA: Scholastic Helping and Main Verb WS Page 38

Monday Spelling Menu (different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

SS:Black History Questions Due Tomorrow 

Science: Study: Nutrition Quiz Wednesday


Math: k5-Learning Worksheet

ELA: Main and Helping Verbs WS; Finish verb packet; Part I and II Valentine’s Day Essay Rough Draft; Finish Vocab Packet

Tuesday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

Science: Study: Nutrition Quiz Wednesday


Math: Page 279 #3-4

ELA: Main and Helping Verb Multiple Choice

Wednesday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday


Math: CommonCore Adding and Subtracting Fractions Sheet #1

ELA: Finish essay final draft

Thursday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

Homework 5-2 1/29/2018

Posted on January 29, 2018

Math: Fractions Worksheet and Study: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Quiz Wednesday

ELA: Compare and Contrast Worksheet and Linking and Action Verbs Worksheet and Study: Ch’i Lin Test and Spelling Quiz on Friday

Science: Bring in 2 Nutrition Labels by Thursday


Homework 5-2 1/25/18

Posted on January 25, 2018

ELA: Essay 2 and 3; Page 85 and 88 worksheet

Social Studies: Study early European explorers vocabulary, morning girl notes, Columbus primary documents, and Colombian Exchange. 

Math: P128-P128

Religion: Study session 11-z13 review sheets quiz tomorrow.


Social Studies Quiz Monday

Math Fractions Quiz Wednesday

ELA Ch’i Lin Purse  Test and Spelling Quiz Friday


Posted on January 23, 2018

ELA: Tuesday spelling menu and verb worksheet; Hold the Flag High Test Corrections due tomorrow 

Math: R51

Religion: Session 12 Review  Quiz Friday Session 11-13

Social Studies: Early Europeans: Quiz Monday 

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