Homework 5-2 2/12-2/16

Upcoming projects:  Black History Month Project Due 2/26


Math: K5-Learning Worksheet #1-8

ELA: Scholastic Helping and Main Verb WS Page 38

Monday Spelling Menu (different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

SS:Black History Questions Due Tomorrow 

Science: Study: Nutrition Quiz Wednesday


Math: k5-Learning Worksheet

ELA: Main and Helping Verbs WS; Finish verb packet; Part I and II Valentine’s Day Essay Rough Draft; Finish Vocab Packet

Tuesday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

Science: Study: Nutrition Quiz Wednesday


Math: Page 279 #3-4

ELA: Main and Helping Verb Multiple Choice

Wednesday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday


Math: CommonCore Adding and Subtracting Fractions Sheet #1

ELA: Finish essay final draft

Thursday Spelling Menu

(different option than last week)

Study: Test and Quiz Friday

Homework 5-2 1/29/2018

Math: Fractions Worksheet and Study: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Quiz Wednesday

ELA: Compare and Contrast Worksheet and Linking and Action Verbs Worksheet and Study: Ch’i Lin Test and Spelling Quiz on Friday

Science: Bring in 2 Nutrition Labels by Thursday


Homework 5-2 1/25/18

ELA: Essay 2 and 3; Page 85 and 88 worksheet

Social Studies: Study early European explorers vocabulary, morning girl notes, Columbus primary documents, and Colombian Exchange. 

Math: P128-P128

Religion: Study session 11-z13 review sheets quiz tomorrow.


Social Studies Quiz Monday

Math Fractions Quiz Wednesday

ELA Ch’i Lin Purse  Test and Spelling Quiz Friday


ELA: Tuesday spelling menu and verb worksheet; Hold the Flag High Test Corrections due tomorrow 

Math: R51

Religion: Session 12 Review  Quiz Friday Session 11-13

Social Studies: Early Europeans: Quiz Monday 

Homework 5-2 1/16/2018


  • Study: Unit 2 test Thursday ( PEMDAS and conversion units)
  • 5 problems in notebook
  • 1. (9 x 2 / 6 ) + 7
  • 2  Write as a numerical expression: (9 x 2 ) – 4
  • 3.  27 yd = _____ ft
  • 4.  3,000 km = _____ cm
  • 5.  180 min = ______ hr 


  • Study: Hold the Flag High comprehension test and spelling quiz tomorrow 

Social Studies

  • page 16 map worksheet


  • complete data for day 1 food log

Scholastic Teacher Code: RL7YM

Homework 5-2 1/10/2018

Math: Page 433 5-11 (fat math book)

ELA: Page 127-128 worksheet

Social Studies: Morning Star 1-8

Religion: portraits of a priest worksheet

Science: Study: Unit 2 science test tomorrow

  • mineral properties
  • moh’s hardenss scale (know what minerals are hardest and softest)
  • label the three types of rocks
  • describe the rock characteristics
  • describe how each rock type is formed
  • know and describe the rock cycle

REMINDERS: 1.00 dress down is Thursday 1/11/18; January scholastic orders will be closed on Wednesday 1/31/18; all tests and quizzes should be signed and returned to school;

  • Upcoming ELA test and spelling quiz: Wednesday 1/16/18 Hold the Flag High
  • Upcoming math test: Thursday 1/17/18 Unit 2: conversions and order of operations 


Homework 5-2 1/3/2018

ELA: Next  2 HW pages in grammar packet

Math: Conversions Worksheet

Homework 5-2 1/2/2018


  • spelling menu: Tuesday
  • Possessive noun packet starred pages.


  • Page 435 9-14

Homework 5-2 12/19

ELA: study: At the Beach test and spelling quiz on Thursday; finish Santa Claus final draft due tomorrow

Math: P207 (skinny)

Science: study: rock cycle quiz tomorrow 

Other: the Christmas party will be moved to Thursday, December 21st, 2017. Thank-you for those of you have already contributed. We are still looking for contributions for plates and cups. 

Students will have a homework packet to complete over Christmas recess.


Homework 5-2 12/5

ELA: Finish the five paragraph holiday rough draft in your ELA notebook (double-spaced)


Math: R83,E83 (Please attempt E83)

Reminders: Parents should sign parent/teacher conference sheets for Thursday. Please remember to write the child’s name, as well as, the parents name. Please pick three time slots that you will be available for.