Easter Break Math Work 7th & 8th Grade

Posted on April 18, 2019

In addition to at least ONE HOUR of MATHLETICS practice, you must also complete your packet or project below:

7-1 and 7-2 Easter Math Packets: download here

8-1 System of Equations Project: download here [Remember to only choose one of the four options, however, a word problem is required]

8-2 Easter Math Packet: download here


Week of 4/8

Posted on April 8, 2019

Monday 4/8 Tuesday 4/9 Wednesday 4/10 Thursday 4/11 Friday 4/12
ELA 7-1 drafts for Ms. Ciriaco and Ms. Gallway

Assessments and Projects:

Monday 4/1 Tuesday 4/2 Wednesday 4/3 Thursday 4/4 Friday 4/5
Math 7-1 Percent word problems
Math 7-2 percent ditto

Assessments and Projects:

Monday 4/1 Tuesday 4/2 Wednesday 4/3 Thursday 4/4 Friday 4/5
Math 8-1 solve the following problems using substitution:
Math 8-2 Go Math p.256 /#2-7

Assessments and Projects:
3/28 – Quiz on Systems (Graphing & Substitution) (8-2)

Science Classwork/Homework

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Science Review: Introduction to Human Body
1. What are the functions of the skeleton?
2. What are the 3 types of muscles?
3. The spaces in bones that are filled with a soft connective tissue is called…..
4. What are the layers of skin and their functions?
5. Where are blood cells produced?

6. What happens to your body during stress?
7. List and describe 5 structures of the skeleton.
1. Define each word: classification, Taxonomy, taxonomic key and domain
2. Compare vascular and non-vascular plants. Give details.
3. Compare heterotrophs and autotrophs. Give details.

4. Why is  Linnaeus so important to the scientific world?
5. What are the levels of classification of organisms?

7-2 SS (Mr. Duffy)

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Answer the questions: DUE FRIDAY

  1. Who was Nathan Hale? What was he known for?
  2. Describe the events of the night George Washington crossed the Delaware river.
  3. Who were the Hessians?
  4. What is the Declaration of Independence? Be sure to describe each part in detail.
  5. Who signed their name the biggest? Why?
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