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“As did Our Lady in whose name we are founded,

the mission of Our Lady’s Catholic Academy

is to magnify, radiate, and educate

an inseparable love for God, each other, and learning,

with our Christ centered, diverse, urban community.

Welcome to Mrs. La Puma’s Fourth Grade Class Page School Year 2018-2019! 

Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer La Puma    

Contact email: jlapuma@olcacademy.net

Special Subjects:

Gym: Tuesdays: 12:50-1:30

SPART: Monday: 1:45-2:25

Band: Thursday



All music lessons will be in the classroom. Band will be on stage.


 Important Announcements

Please be sure to that students are always in OLCA uniform.

Students will have a working snack every morning. Please be sure it is a quick healthy snack with water only. No juice, soda, or drinkable yogurts during class working snack.

Lunch is everyday from 11:55-12:40.  Recess will be from 12:40 to about 1 -weather permitting

Spirit Week- 2/11-2/15, $10.00 to participate for the week





 Important Dates :

Science Test- Flower parts and their functions- Wed. 2/27

Chapter 6 Math test- Thursday 2/28

Spelling Quiz- Friday March 1

1/2 Day dismissal on Friday 2/15- Afterschool in session

No school- 2/18-2/22

Tuesday Feb. 26- $1.00 Dress Down and Bake Sale

Spirit Week: 2/11- Blue and Gold- Dress Down,  2/12-Twin/Triplet Day dress down, 2/13- Cartoon/Anime Day Dress down,  2/14- Pajama Day,  2/15- Sports Team Day Dress Down






 Important Documents to Download


Test Corrections Form– This is only used for tests, quizzes are not included. All explanations should be thorough and show an understanding of the question/content.





Thursday February 14, 2019

Posted on February 14, 2019

ELA- Reading Log

Math-  Chapter 6 Math Test on Thursday Feb. 28   Mathletics

Science- Due Feb. 25- workbook pages 275-280.   Science Test on Wednesday Feb 27

Tues. 2/26- $1.00 Dress Down and Bake sale

Wednesday February 13, 2019

Posted on February 13, 2019

ELA- Grammar worksheet.   Write spelling words 4 times each in ELA notebook. Quiz tomorrow.   Reading Log

Math- Workbook pages 375-376. Mathletics

Science Test on parts of the flower and their functions- Thursday 2/28

Math packet, ELA packet and Reading Log due Monday Feb. 25

Tuesday February 12, 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019

ELA- Spelling worksheet- Quiz on Thursday.   Subject-verb agreement worksheet. Reading Log

Math- Workbook page 368 (unlock the problem) , 369-370.  Mathletics

Social Studies- Vocabulary and 13 colonies quiz tomorrow- Study notes in notebook!

Monday February 11, 2019

Posted on February 11, 2019

ELA– 2 Spelling worksheets “ou” and “ow” sounds.   Quiz on THURSDAY.   Reading Log

Math- Workbook pages 363-364.  Mathletics.  Chapter 6.1-6.4 quiz tomorrow

Science- Take home quiz-  Sheet will be collected.

Social Studies- Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday.

Please return signed Progress Report

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