3rd Grade 1


Welcome to Ms. Schmidt’s 3rd Grade Class Page!

Scholastics Class Code: PXHHX

Please log into Mathletics every night for students to complete assignments!



Gym – Tuesdays 

SPART- Fridays 


4.16 walkathon-gym uniform 

4.17 1/2 day dismissal- no after school




Monday 4.15

  1. Mathletics 
  2. Math worksheet 
  3. Science worksheet 

Tuesday 4.16

  1. Mathletics 
  2. science worksheet 

Wednesday 4.17

No homework 


5.2 Weekly math quiz 

5.3 Spelling quiz and comprehension test 



WeeklySpellingMenu (1)


bill- the hard mouth part of a bird 

goo- sticky stuff

hunters- animals that chase other animals for food 

material- what something is made of our used for 

platform- a high, raised surface 

tons- measures of weight equal to two thousand pounds each 

twigs- small branches of a tree or bush 

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