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Welcome to Ms. Tuzzio’s 3rd Grade Class Page!

Scholastic Code: TXP8K

Email: ctuzzio@olcacademy.net 


Reading Log: 

For the remainder of the school year, your child will have a book to read of their choice in their Read Every Day Book Bag. This bag is used to help you and your child stay organized and prepared. Please assist us in the process by reading the included book with your child each night, then have them chose a question on the backside of this paper and answer it on the reading log in a complete sentence. Please make sure all books and reading logs are returned every Friday or the day before the weekend.

Drop Off & Dismissal: 
  • All 3rd grade parents will drop-off and pick-up their children at the side doors near 111th Avenue (right doors facing the school). Teachers will bring the students in.
  • Morning time: 7:45 to 8:00 A.M only (early comers will sign-up for morning care; late comers will get late slips at the office)
  • Afternoon time: 3:00- 3:10 P.M. only (after 3:10, students will sign-up for after-school)
  • We would like Monday through Thursday to be healthy snacks: Fruits, Vegetables, or Yogurt ONLY!! Drinks should also be healthy and sugar free.Friday is ‘Free’- The students can bring in any snack that they want!
  • Please remember that students can only have one snack! 

1.20 No School

1.24 ½ Day Dismissal


Gym– Tuesdays 10:15 a.m. 

Spanish – Monday’s


Monday 1.20


Tuesday 1.21 

  1. Common Core Monday & Tuesday
  2. Reading Log
  3. Go Math 624B
  4. Spelling worksheet 

Wednesday 1.22

  1. Common Core Wednesday
  2. Reading Log
  3. Subject Verb agreement worksheet 
  4. mathletics 

Thursday 1.23

  1. Common Core Thursday
  2. Reading Log
  3. Go math 629-630
  4. Spelling worksheet 

Friday 1.24

No homework 

1.21 Science  Lessons 1-10

1.23 Weekly math quiz 

1.24 Spelling  & Comprehension Test 

1.28 Religion tests Chapters 7,8,9 

1.31 Japan quiz

WeeklySpellingMenu (1)

Same spelling as last week 

  1. unhappy 
  2. recall
  3. disappear
  4. unload 
  5. mistake 
  6. misspell
  7. dislike
  8. replace
  9. mislead 
  10. Disagree
  11. rewrite 
  12. unroll
  13. unknown 
  14. dishonest 
  15. react 
  16. unfortunate 
  17. discourage 
  18. uncomfortable 
  19. recycle 
  20. mispronounce 

Raising a Raisin Vocab 

  1. area- a space used for a special purpose
  2. artificial – made by humans, not by nature
  3. grapevine – a woody vine on which grapes grow
  4. preservative- a substance used to keep foods from spoiling
  5. proof- anything that can be used to show that something is true or real
  6. raise – to lift
  7. raisin – a dried grape

Pushing Up the Sky Vocab

  1. Antlers- bony, branching growths on the head of a male deer, elk, or moose 
  2. Imagined- made a picture or idea of something in your mind 
  3. languages -human speech, spoken or written, of different groups or countries 
  4. narrator – the person who tells a story 
  5. overhead – over the head; on high above 
  6. Poked- pushed with force against someone or something