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Welcome to Ms. Tuzzio’s 3rd Grade Class Page!

Scholastic Code: TXP8K
Email: ctuzzio@olcacademy.net 

3rd Grade Distance Learning Schedule 

9:00-9:30 Attendance, Prayers, & Check-In

9:30-10:30 ELA/ Grammar 

10:30-11:30  Math 

11:30- 12:30- Lunch Break/ Exercise 

12:30- 1:30 Science/ Social Studies 

1:30- 2:30 Religion

3:00 Homework 

Zoom: Gym Mondays 12:00    Ms. Tuzzio & Ms. Schmidt Tuesday & Thursdays  10:00

PLEASE check into every google classroom every day by  10:00 A.M. so I can put your attendance in Option C for the day. You will need to go under the Check-In page under "Classwork" and type your name. 
Please download the app Remind using the following link
to receive real time announcement and be able to 
communicate with me!



Dear Families,

Here are some important updates and reminders as we continue our distance learning.  I am learning how to do things just as much as you are- so please continue to bear with me.  All work will begin counting towards their Third Trimester Grades, including attendance.  This first week was a great practice for us all- and many of your children (and you of course) have shown great mastery of Google Classroom.  Please note the following:


Do Now/Attendance: 

It is imperative to log on and complete the daily Do-Now between 8:30am and 9:30am.  Any child who logs in and completes the Do Now by 9:15am will be marked present for the day.  Anyone who completes it by 10:00am will get credit for the day but will be marked late.  Anyone after 10:00am will be marked absent for the day.  That being said, if you come after 10:00am it is still your responsibility to complete your work- just like it would be if you were absent from the building. These are time-stamped so I will know 


Submitting Work on Google Classroom:

This has greatly improved as we all get used to it.  Just a friendly reminder that submitting work via email or Remind will not give students credit. If there is an issue- email me and we will figure it out!

I understand that the kids definitely need help with this but the work really does need to be done by them.  Parents can help typing when need be but it will not do the kids any justice to have work done for them.  They are still in school.  


Commenting on Posting:

Please refrain from posting “done” when you are done with your work.  I will see who submitted, and who didn’t submit, the assignment from my end.  If you want to say “good morning” please do so ONLY in the Do Now post for the day.  Many kids are posting “good morning” posts or “hi” in the classrooms which is throwing off the balance of the alert system.  I only count attendance based on the Do Now completion.  Saying “good morning” will not count the child as present for the day.

If you want to comment on things and talk to myself or classmates- you may do so in the discussion board.  Again, lets keep this relevant like it’s a real classroom discussion.  I will be opening more and more discussion boards in the Homeroom and other classes as the week goes on.  Check those out if you want to chat.



I will provide feedback on assignments by using the private commenting feature.  This will go only to you and only you and I will be able to view it. It is not public commenting.  Ask me any specific questions you want here.  This way it will all be organized.


Additional Resources:


ZOOM: We are to begin using Zoom to see each other live and conference (the kids and myself) beginning this week. We are going to be meeting Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00 am  Those will be the days we will all Zoom together.


Thank you for your support!  Please know that I miss seeing the kids and would much rather be in class with them!  


-Ms. Tuzzio



Gym- Monday 12:00

Ms. Tuzzio & Schmidt- Tuesday & Thursday 12:30 p.m. 

Gym– Mondays 12:00 p.m.-zoom with Mr. B! 


Monday 6.1

  1. Readworks 
  2. Math writing activity 
  3. spelling 

Tuesday 6.2

  1. Readworks 
  2. Spelling 
  3. Math pg 701-702

Wednesday 6.3

  1. ReadWorks
  2. Spelling 
  3. Math pg 707-708

Thursday 6.4

  1. ReadWorks
  2. Spelling 
  3. Math pg 713-714




6.2 – Past Tense Quiz

6.3 – Italy Test

6.4 – Fossil Test

6.5 – Spelling Quiz

6.5 – Comprehension Test

6.9 – Shapes Quiz

6.12 – Religion Chapters 20 – 23 Test

6.15 – Science Final Project Due

6.15 – S.S. Final Project due


WeeklySpellingMenu (1)

  1. above
  2. another
  3. upon
  4. animal
  5. paper
  6. open
  7. family
  8. travel 
  9. afraid
  10. nickel
  11. sugar
  12. circus
  13. item
  14. gallon
  15. melon
  16. character
  17. cardinal
  18. Oregon
  19. particular
  20. dinosaur