November 12-15,2019

Posted on November 11, 2019


The tests scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 14th (Religion and Math), will be given on Friday, Nov. 15th, because I will be out of the building attending an all-day mandatory ELA workshop.

SPELLING WORDS (r-controlled vowels)

worst   word   worm   worry   early   earth   learn   heard   dollar   sugar   regular   calendar


Tuesday, Nov.12th 

Religion:   Study p. 98 TO HELP YOU REMEMBER and Chapter Review Vocabulary.  Reread p. 101 and answer the question with one example.

Spelling:    Write the words 3x’s each and study.

Math:         WS.   Review place value for the test. 

1. Be able to locate the ones, tens, hundreds place.  2. Be able to write a number in expanded form, standard form (the number), word form  3.  Be able to compare numbers using the <, >, and  = symbol  4.  Be able to write a number using a place value model representation (picture).

Posted on November 4, 2019

Math Test Prep-  I will send the math text home nightly for review work, but I need a parent’s signed permission in the planner to do so. I would like to avoid any mix-up about the extra weight in the bag.


Tuesday, Nov. 5th

Religion:   reread p. 92,  do activities on p. 91 and 93  Saint project due Nov. 12th

Spelling:   sentences- Try to use 2 words per sentence.  STUDY  test Thursday, Nov. 7th.

Read:         reread p. 60-63 in the reader. Answer the question in ELA notebook.

                    Journal assignment due Thursday, Nov. 7th.

Math:       ws     Test on Chp. 2 Place Value will on Thursday, Nov. 14th. 

Science:   Test on Lessons 1-3    p. 16-36 will be Nov. 12th.

Full dress uniform tomorrow- Class Picture Day

Wednesday, Nov. 6th

Religion:      reread p. 94  do p. 95. 

Spelling:       Word Work Book p. 50-51  and Study words test tomorrow!

Math:           Chp. 2 Review p. 147-148   (Are you working on Mathletics?)

Thursday, Nov. 7th and Monday, Nov.11

Religion:    Study p. 89-98  Test Tues. Nov. 13th.

Math:         Review p. 76-146 in text   Place Value  

Science:     Study p. 16-36

November 4-8,2019

Posted on November 3, 2019


Class pictures  Wednesday, Nov. 6   wear full dress uniform

Walk-a thon Thursday, Nov. 7 

No School for students  Friday, Nov. 8

Veteran’s Day, Monday, Nov. 11  no school

Saint Report: check:  or 


Spelling Words

dark    start     party     storm     forget     morning     dirt    thirsty     under     person     turn    purple

*The spelling words are r-controlled vowel spellings. The “r” controls the sound the vowel makes.



Monday, Nov. 4, 2019

Religion:    study the Our Father.     Test Wed. Nov. 6th    

Spelling:   3x’s each and study

Reading:  reread p. 56-59    answer questions for p. 58-59 “Picking Partners” in ELA ntbk.

Math:    ws

Science:   study p.16-29   Know the kinds and properties of matter.



An Update

Posted on October 30, 2019

Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, will be a dress up  day, not a dress down as originally posted.

Upcoming Test: Friday’s tests will be postponed until Monday. 

The Health assignment for Thursday will be done in school.  

Thursday’s Science assignment was a post of the pages to begin studying for the Science Test that will be at the end of next week.  Please know that I didn’t expect the students to read and study the 13 pages in one night. I wanted the children to know that it is time to begin preparing for the next test.

Happy Halloween!

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