October 21-25, 2019

Posted on October 20, 2019

Top Chocolate seller as of 10/18: Emilee Gangaram!!!  Great job!

Queens Zoo Field Trip

Our trip to the Queens Zoo was enjoyed by all. We learned many facts about some animals that are native to North America.  Did you know that the buffalo is native to Africa, and the bison is native to North America?  The children had a lot of fun feeding the animals, too.  Thank you to our chaperones who helped to make our trip enjoyable.


Spelling words:       mess     buzz     was    does    close    easy     class     quiz    because

                                          doesn’t        goes    busy

Monday, 10/21/2019

Religion: reread and study Chp. 5  p. 65-69     Chapter test will be on  Thursday, 10/24.

ELA:  Backpack p. 18        Spelling: 3x’s each       Reading:  reread p. 36-39 in reader

Math: p. 90-91


Week of October 14-18, 2019

Posted on October 14, 2019


All permission slips and payments for Charlotte’s Web are due by Friday, Oct. 18th.

The class field trip to the Queens Zoo is Thursday, Oct. 17th.

Friday, Oct. 18th’s Dress Down has been cancelled.

Progress Report Day is Mon. Oct. 21st


Special Assignments in Religion will be due Fri. Oct. 18  and

Science will be due Monday, Oct. 21st. They can be returned before this date when completed.

Spelling, Fire Safety Quiz, and Communities Retest will be on Fri. 10/18

Spelling Words

  1.  show  2.  now  3.   work   4.  first  5.  down   6.  many  7.  about  8.  over  9.  only   10.  before  11.  would  12.  could  


Religion: Caring for God’s Creation assignment- due Fri. 10/18

Spelling: 3x’s each and study and  Backpack Wkbk p. 14

Journal assignment:  Don’t forget to write the number of the prompt, use the correct capitalization/punctuation, and complete sentences.

Math: p. 79-80

Health:  study notes on Fire Safety,  quiz 10/18.

Social Studies: study definitions and descriptions of kinds of communities in ntbk.


Religion: reread p. 65-69. Do activitiy on p. 69.

Math:  p. 85-86

Spell: Backpack p. 16 and study words

Health and Social Studies:  test preparation

Science: At Home Lab Activity (p. 18 Science workbook)  WS due Mon. 10/21.


Religion: workbook, p. 71 and God’s Creation assignment 

Spelling: Backpack p. 17 and study for test

Math: p. 91-92

Health and Social Studies: test prep.Study notes

Journal  assignment due tomorrow 















Posted on October 7, 2019

Friday, Oct. 11 is a half day

Homework  Oct. 7-11, 2019

Sp. wds.:  1. handle 2. middle 3. ring  4.  strong  5. want  6.  look  7.  come  8.  any  9.  some  10. very

                  11.  new   12.  good   13.  seven   14.  eight

Monday, 10/7

Religion: Test Tues,10/8 Chp. 3  p.35-45
Reading: Backpack p. 11 and study notes on kinds of sentences. Test Friday 
Spell:  write words 3x’s each      Journal assignment
Math p. 69-70 Review for test on Chp.1  Thurs.
Social Studies: test on communities Thurs. 10/10

Tues. 10/8

Read.  1. reader p. 26-29 reread;  2.ws   3.  study notes on kinds of sentences
Spell: wds. 1-7 in sentences, study
Math: ws and review for test Chp. 1
SS.  review notes for communities  test 

Wed. 10/9

Religion: reread p. 48-51 do activities p. 49 and 51.
Spell. wds. 8-14 in sentences and study
Read. ws,  review for sentences test
SS. test communities tomorrow
Math. ws

Thurs. Oct. 10/10

Religion: reread p. 52-55 do activities p. 53, 55 and chp. review p. 56
Spell. and ELA  study for spelling and grammar test on sentences .
Reading: reader p. 30-33, Journal due tomorrow
Health  ws  Fire Safety

Friday, Oct.11    Half day-early dismissal.

Religion: Study for test Tuesday- Chp. 4 p. 48-56.

Posted on October 3, 2019

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019

Religion: reread p. 42-43 and do p. 44

Math ws

Reading: reread p. 24-25 , ws, journal assignment due tomorrow

Spell.: study for test

Social Studies: study community notes

$1.oo dress down, Friday

Lunch money and UN ethnicity paper due Friday, Oct. 4th

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