5th Grade 1

Week of 4.15 – 4.17

Reminders for the week:

  • Chapter 10 Math test will be on Tues., 4/16 – homework on elapsed time is due on Tuesday – no other written homework will be given this week (other than the Spring/Easter break packet)
  • Walkathon will take place on Tuesday afternoon – please wear your gym uniform OR full school uniform with sneakers ONLYPlease be advised that any hoodies that are not OLCA hoodies will be not be allowed to be worn unless it is a dress down day – sneakers must be according to the handbook guidelines – no neon colors, or colors not listed in the handbook (this means no all red sneakers, all green sneakers, etc.)
  • Spelling word lists will resume the week we return from Easter break – 20-30 minutes of reading every day/night is expected of all students during the break
  • Packets will go home in the blue Parent-Teacher folder on Tuesday, 4/16 – it is due back, completely and neatly done, on April 29 – no exceptions – please reinforce the importance of this packet at home – packets done last minute and/or the day before we return to school will not be as meaningful in reinforcing concepts 
  • Due to potential copyright and sharing issues online, please e-mail me directly at if you need an e-mailed version of the packet. 
  • Paper forms for the Tablet subscription were sent home to families who have yet to sign up in the past few months. If we do not get almost 100% participation from ALL families, we will not receive 1:1 classroom iPads for the school. A $22 subscription gets your child a $700 iPad. This is a win-win. 
  • Wednesday, the 17th is a HALF DAY dismissal, with NO after-school available. We will be attending Mass at 10 AM.