1st Grade 2

Monday, February 25, 2019


1.Read “Lily’s Little Boat”  Keep at home and practice a few times this week.

2. Ready, Set, Go! – worksheet (-er, -est endings)


  1. Math page 389-390


  1. Brain Pop fundraiser Bake Sale tomorrow.  Donations are needed.
  2. 100 items in a zip lock bag due on Wednesday.  (pasta, dry macaroni, buttons, etc,)
  3. 100th day celebration is on Friday.  Children may dress up in a custom from 1919-1920’s.  If they do not dress up they are to wear their school uniform.
  4. Class trip on Thursday.  Students should wear their gym uniform.  
  5. Reading logs, book report; math and ELA packets were due today.  Please return them tomorrow to avoid a missing grade.
  6. Spelling test tomorrow – ride, game, side, same,said, only, you, put, of, here