4-1 Week of 10/7/19-10/11/19

Thursday, 10/10:

  1. ELA– Spelling quiz
  2. Math– Multiplication worksheet
  3. Religion– Directions on the project in blue folder.
  4. Homeroom– Tomorrow is half day.

Wednesday, 10/9:

  1. ELA– Use each of 7 Vocab. Words in a sentence. ELA ntbk.
  2. Math– Workbook pages 103-104
  3. SS- Study 3 review sheets for Chapter 1 Test NY State.
  4. Homeroom– Candy boxes sent home today. Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, 10/8:

  1. ELA– Spelling Menu 20 new words from “The Horned Toad Prince”. Choose 1 from the UNDERSTAND column. ELA ntbk.
  2. Math- Expanded Form Worksheet 
  3. SS– “State in a Bag” projects due tomorrow

Monday, 10/7:

  1. ELA– Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe- 7 new words from the “Horned-Toad Prince”.ELA ntbk.
  2. Math– Workbook pages 97-98
  3. Homeroom- Please, submit ASAP- Candy sale forms and United Nations Day Letter. Thank you for your support!