Wednesday< November 14, 2018

Science quiz is changed to Friday



  1. Memory words – do, have, show, how, me, a
  2. Pattern Words- bang, hang, sang, king, sing, thing, long, song, hung, sung
  3. On the paper in your home folder write something you are thankful for. Write at least 3 sentences. Every sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  Use scrap paper for your first draft before writing your final draft.

            A. An introduction sentence;   I am thankful for ….

             B.  At least one detail……like, who, what, where, or why



  1. Turkey Subtraction
  2. Chapter test will be on Tuesday.


  1. Worksheet “Who’s my Parent?”
  2. Science page 252-253
  3. Quiz tomorrow – Living things and their young



  1. Full uniform tomorrow-Individual Pictures
  2. Thanksgiving luncheon Wednesday.  Please send in the paper
  3. Please send in the roll from the inside of a paper towel for Friday.