January Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope all of you are having a healthy and happy 2019 so far. This January newsletter has important updates about registration, scholarships, fundraising, and after school policies.

2019-2020 Registration & Scholarship Process

 We have already begun registration and scholarship applications for the next school year!  To complete the process, please follow these three steps:

  1. Bring Your Account Up to Date, If Necessary.

To register for next year, you must have an account in good standing, which means that the first six tuition payments (August through January) have been paid. Most families who owe a balance at this time only owe the January payment (Tuition #6.)  You can send this in with your completed registration form and registration fee!

  1. Complete the Yellow Re-Registration Form for Returning Families.

This simplified form requires only the name and grade of each child, as well as a parent signature and date. Remember to pay the registration fee for each child! This reserves your seat for 2019-2020.  If you have a new child who will be joining OLCA for the first time, you may also put their name and grade on this form, and we will send home a blue New Registration Form to be completed for the new addition. 

  1. Apply for the 2019-2020 Diocesan Scholarships.

Once you have completed the steps above, you can now apply for a Diocesan scholarship at www.futuresineducation.org.  You must complete this process even if you already have a scholarship for 2018-2019. The deadline for returning families to apply is March 29. 2019. Please do not wait until then!

We are encouraged by the quick response so far, and hope that it continues. The earlier our families register, the easier it is to budget for staffing and programs for 2019-2020. 

Additional Options for the Mandatory Fundraising Requirement

Every year, each family has a $250 Walk-a-Thon fundraising requirement, with the option of getting sponsors for their children or paying a flat fee.  We moved the Walk-a-Thon from the fall to the spring this year so our Home Academy Association could present additional ways to meet this requirement.

Today, we sent home Yankee Candle Fundraising envelopes.  This is an easy fundraiser for parents because all that you need to do is share the link with family and friends, and then they do the ordering themselves. You can also collect orders using the paper catalog sent home today, as long as the order forms are returned by Monday, February 25.  For every $100 worth of items purchased, you will receive a $40 reduction of your fundraiser requirement. (This reflects the 40% that the school receives; the other 60% goes to Yankee Candle!)

We will also sell World’s Finest Chocolate candy boxes in February.  Order forms will be distributed on Tuesday, January 22, and must be returned with payment by Wednesday, January 30.  Parents will pre-pay for the first order of candy boxes that they place at a cost of $60 a box. Additional boxes can then be requested and paid for by Monday, February 25.  For each $60 box of candy sold, you will receive a $30 reduction of your fundraiser requirement.  (This reflects the 50% that the school receives; the other 50% goes to World’s Finest Chocolate!)

Both of these fundraisers are optional, but provide another opportunity to meet the fundraiser requirement. You can do a little of one or both, or use them to completely eliminate the Walk-a-Thon fundraiser.  On March 1, families will be billed their remaining fundraising balance in preparation for the Walk-a-Thon on Tuesday, April 16.

After-School Program & After-School Activities

Please note that there is a grace period of fifteen minutes after dismissal from regular classes and after-school activities. After that time, students must be signed in to the After-School program unless alternative arrangements have been made and approved by the administration.  This is for the safety and well-being of the children. The After School program will bill the students in these situations, and the bill can be waived by the administration upon request. Just send us a note along with the bill and we will do our best to accommodate you.

School Closing Procedures for Inclement Weather

We have had a mild winter so far, but there are still months to go before we are in the clear.  If OLCA will have an early dismissal, delayed opening, or full closure due to inclement weather, it will be announced in several ways: parent alert e-mail and text; 1010 WINS/CBS News; and the school website.  If NYC public schools are closed, we are automatically closed, but we will still make the announcements through parent alert and the school website.

On the yearly calendar, there are five dates marked “Snow Day #1,” “Snow Day #2,” etc.  If we close for one Snow Day, school will then be open on the date marked Snow Day #1 (Wednesday, April 17.)  This pattern will apply for the rest of the snow days as well, as your children are entitled to 176 instructional days every year!

If you have any questions or comments about anything included in this newsletter, please contact us at office@olcacademy.net or our individual e-mail addresses listed on the website.

Sincerely in Christ,

Kevin John Coyne         Debra Eisenbraun

Principal                        Assistant Principal