Christmas Show Reminders

Our Christmas show is only two days away!

Here are a couple of reminders:

There are two shows on Thursday, December 14:  1:30 PM and 6:30 PM.

Tickets are available for both shows at the school office. Tickets purchased in advance receive a reserved, numbered seat and cost $5. Tickets at the door are $7, and do not guarantee seating! Refreshments and snacks will be sold at both shows.

Evening Show Arrival:

All students in EXPERIENCED BAND must be at the school by 6 PM, and should go straight to the stage.

All other students must be in their homeroom classroom by 6:15 PM.

Dress Code has been posted on the homework pages, and students may dress up during the school day as well.

We look forward to a wonderful afternoon and evening of great seasonal performances.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at (718) 641-1316.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne


Leadership Newsletter


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope this letter finds you well. As we prepare for the Thanksgiving Recess and the end of the first trimester, here are some important updates:

Parent Alert System

 Today, we had our first lockdown drill of the year, which went very well. In case of an actual emergency, we will use the Option C Parent Alert system to notify parents and guardians. At this time, you should have received several texts and e-mails from this system. If you have not, please contact Mrs. Gilbert immediately at (718) 641-1316 and she will update your information to ensure you receive all future parent alerts.

OLCA Gives Back Dress Down

Thursday, November 16

Tomorrow’s dress down will be for a special cause: the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF.) This collection is in support of one of our diabetic students, and contributions collected will be given toward her family’s fundraising walk for this organization. The dress down is $1, but any additional funds are welcome, and 100% will be donated to the JDRF.

Boy Scouts Meeting

Thursday, November 16: 6 PM

If you are still interested in joining the Boy Scouts, it’s not too late! We have another meeting coming up tomorrow evening at 6 PM. All are welcome. The meeting will be in the 2-1 classroom, right across from the Main Office.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Tuesday, November 21

To all of the parents and guardians who have already signed up to donate, thank you! At this time, we have enough paper plates, napkins, and cups. We still need turkey more than anything else, so if you would like to cook a turkey, we will provide one using the funds collected so far. Please call Mrs. Ciriaco at (718) 641-1316 if you are interested, and please keep signing up for food and drinks. We are also happy to have parent volunteers, so you can sign up for that, too!

December 2017 Bills

Today, you should have received your bill for tuition and fees due as of Friday, December 1. This reflects all payments that must be received by Wednesday, December 6 to receive your child’s report card on Thursday, December 7. We are sending this bill out early for your convenience.  If you have any questions about your bill, please call the office at (718) 641-1316.

Thank you for all of your constant support and consideration, and we wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne & Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun

Principal & Assistant Principal



Leadership Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the end of the first trimester approaches, things are busier than ever at Our Lady’s Catholic Academy. Here are a few important updates.

Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10

No Classes

On Thursday, November 9, the entire faculty will participate in professional development in the areas of STEM and standardized testing data analysis. The academy will be closed for this PD day, as well as on Friday, November 10, in observance of Veterans Day. Classes resume on Monday, November 13.

October Wall of Fame Celebration (Grades 1-5)

Wednesday, November 15

Students in Grades 1-5 who made the Wall of Fame for October may Dress Down for free on this date and they will also receive free ice cream. Due to homeroom changes in junior high during the middle of October, they did not participate in Wall of Fame for the month of October, but will do so for the month of November.

A Note About Uniforms:

Please note that uniform wasn’t used as a criteria in October, but will be in November. The uniform must be perfect every day. If you cannot get to IDEAL uniform store, we have many donated uniforms and we also have belts and ties for sale or rent. Just visit the main office!


Saturday, November 18

5 PM at St. Teresa of Avila Church

We are so proud that sixteen of our eighth graders will complete their initiation into the Catholic Church through the sacrament of Confirmation. We are honored to host Most Rev. James Massa, and have deep gratitude for the work done by our pastor, Father Conlon, and our Faith Formation Director Mark Kruse, in preparing our students for the sacrament. We also thank our teachers, Mr. Cinturati and Ms. Wielchul, who will join both of us as sponsors of students at this year’s Confirmation ceremony.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Tuesday, November 21

Preparations are underway for our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. Please, if you are able to donate food, drinks, or utensils, sign up as soon as you can! Remember that all students participate in this luncheon for free, regardless of whether their family makes a donation. But we do need all of the help that we can get to make sure this is the best Thanksgiving Luncheon yet.

Lifetouch Pictures

There is still time to order Lifetouch Pictures, but time is running out! Order online by visiting and using Picture Day ID: OV447088Q0.

School Band

This year’s school band is bigger than ever – nearly one hundred students! It is still not too late to sign up.  Simply call Paul Effman Music Service at (800) 921-4543 or register online at .

Crisis Management Plan

Our Lady’s Catholic Academy recently completed its annual Crisis Management Plan. Please note the following evacuation sites in case of an emergency:

Primary Evacuation Site:

Saint Teresa of Avila Church

109-26 130th Street

South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Off Premises Evacuation Site:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy

111-10 115th Street

South Ozone Park, NY 11420

In the event of an emergency that requires evacuation to either site, we will communicate with parents through our Option C Parent Alert System, which we have used several times this year already. If you are not currently receiving e-mails or text messages through this alert system, please contact Natalie Gilbert immediately at (718) 641-1316 and she will update your information.

Welcome to Nicole Bishop

Finally, it is our pleasure to welcome our new 5-1 teacher, Ms. Nicole Bishop, to the OLCA family. I thank 5-2 teacher Ms. Alyssa Barone and our Spanish/Art teacher Ms. Sandra Paz for ensuring continuity of instruction during the transition between teachers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Kevin John Coyne                              Debra Eisenbraun

Principal                                              Assistant Principal

Parent Survey

Here is a direct link to our Parent Survey:

As noted in the newsletter: Please be honest and critical when answering the questions. This survey is part of our ongoing accreditation process, and your opinions are crucial as we work toward making Our Lady’s Catholic Academy stronger every year!

The survey will be available until Friday, October 20.

Leadership Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Here are some more important updates and upcoming events:

URGENT: Parent Survey

Deadline: Friday, October 20

Today, all parents with an accurate e-mail address in Option C received an e-mail inviting them to take an important survey about their experiences at Our Lady’s Catholic Academy. If you didn’t receive this e-mail, you can still take the survey by visiting this link:

You can also find this link on the front page of the website!  Please be honest and critical when answering the questions. This survey is part of our ongoing accreditation process, and your opinions are crucial as we work toward making Our Lady’s Catholic Academy stronger every year.

OLCA Gives Back

$2 Dress Down for Leukemia Research

Wednesday, October 18

Some families have asked us if there is a color for leukemia research. It is orange, so that is a great color to wear for this special dress down!

Home Academy Association Meeting

& Boy Scouts Presentation

Thursday, October 19

6 PM

Our first Home Academy Association meeting will include updates on the facility improvements, information on a new tuition management system, and a walkthrough of the accreditation process. The meeting will be followed by a presentation from the Boy Scouts, an organization that we will be hosting this year for the first time. We hope to see you there!

OLCA Walkathon

Friday, October 20

Grades N-2: 10 AM  / Grades 3-8: 1 PM


Our big annual fundraising event is only days away! Parents are invited to join us this Friday as our students walk the perimeter of the OLCA campus. If you are VIRTUS trained, you may participate in the Walk! Thank you for your support of this fundraiser, and we hope it is a relief that you don’t have to sell candy or raffle tickets this year!

Progress Reports (Grades 2-8)

Monday, October 23

Students in Grades 2-8 will receive their first Progress Report of the year. It will be stapled into the Good News Planner. Please return with a parent signature!

United Nations Day Assembly

Tuesday, October 24

1 PM

Our eighth annual U.N. Assembly is almost here! Students are encouraged to dress up in a way that reflects their country or countries of origin. This is one of our most special annual events, and we hope that you can join us, as parents and family members are always welcome!

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne, Principal & Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun, Assistant Principal

Leadership Newsletter

Our Lady's Catholic AcademyDear Parents and Guardians,

Here are some more important updates:

Family Information Page

 At this time, all families should have returned their Family Information Page. If you need a new copy, please request one from the office as soon as possible!

October Liturgy

Friday, October 6

St. Teresa of Avila Church

10 AM

 We are celebrating our monthly liturgy tomorrow, and as always, parents are welcome. Students may dress up for free. Please refer to the Dress Up guidelines in the handbook.  Young men must wear a tie!

OLCA Walkathon

Friday, October 27

N-2: 10 AM

3-8: 1 PM

 Our annual mandatory fundraiser this year is the OLCA Walkathon, where families raise $250 or more and have a chance to win free and discounted tuition for the 2018-2019 school year! Please check your childs OLCA folder today, as more information on this event has been provided, including the donation sheet that will be submitted along with your collection.

Terra Nova Testing

Tuesday, October 10 ? Thursday, October 19

 Just another reminder that our annual diagnostic testing for Grades 3-8 begins on Tuesday, October 10. The only preparations required for this testing are a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast. These tests help our teachers determine where their students are right now, and the results will be used to adjust instruction for the remainder of the year.  You will receive your childs scores at Report Card night in December.

OLCA Gives Back

Wednesday, October 11: $2 pink dress down for Breast Cancer research

Wednesday, October 18: $2 any color dress down for Leukemia research

Thank you for your amazing participation in our OLCA Gives Back events so far. Our next two dress down days will specifically be for cancer awareness. Our October 11 pink dress down will sponsor the walk of Mrs. Michelle Newton, an OLCA parent and cancer survivor.  Our October 18 dress down is in honor of Kayleigh Hoercher, a relative of Mrs. Lillian Gallway who is currently battling leukemia.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne          Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun

Principal                                 Assistant Principal

Leadership Newsletter

Our Lady's Catholic AcademyDear Parents and Guardians,

The first month of school is already coming to an end, and we have a busy October coming up.

Here are some important updates, starting with events on the October calendar:

Catholic High School Fair & Information Night

Wednesday, October 4 ? 6 PM

Our annual information night for Catholic High Schools is open to all students and parents from Grades 5-8. Representatives will be here from several schools and will be able to answer your questions and share informational materials. Many past OLCA students have made their decision to attend a Catholic high school based on this fair. Students attending are reminded to dress up or to wear their school uniform.

Terra Nova Testing

Tuesday, October 10 ? Thursday, October 19

Our annual diagnostic testing for Grades 3-8 begins on Tuesday, October 10. The only preparations required for this testing are a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast. These tests help our teachers determine where their students are right now, and the results will be used to adjust instruction for the remainder of the year.

OLCA Gives Back

Since school opening, we have been doing many charity fundraisers to help individual members of the OLCA school community and those with similar circumstances. We will continue this in October, with special dress down days for breast cancer research (October 11) and leukemia research (October 18.) A parent will also be donating a Nintendo Switch to be raffled off to assist their ailing relative in Puerto Rico, which was recently devastated by Hurricane Maria. Finally, our eighth grade, in collaboration with the parish, will be doing a food drive this month to help stock the local pantry.

We thank all of you for your participation so far, and if there is a cause that you wish to bring to our attention, please e-mail me at

OLCA Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your participation in our ongoing gym uniform and book sale. All proceeds will go to local scholarships for OLCA families in need. Applications for this scholarship will be available in early October.

October Bills

Our monthly bills will be distributed tomorrow.  Included on this bill will be the third tuition payment and the $250 mandatory fundraising contribution, which is the amount each family must raise for our Walk-a-Thon on Friday, October 20. This money isnt due until Monday, October 30.

Class Lists & Partner Teachers

At this time, all class lists have been finalized and no further transfer requests will be honored. Partner teachers will work together, under the supervision of the administration, to ensure consistency in instruction and assessment.


At OLCA, we never want a child to go home hungry. Please assure your children that if they have ordered lunch and their name isnt called, they should tell an adult on duty immediately. Even if a child hasnt purchased lunch for the day, we will always provide a meal, so also let your children know to tell an adult if they have no lunch for whatever reason.

Classroom Supplies

Many parents are asking if supplies will be replenished throughout the year. The answer is yes, they will be!

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame begins in October for Grades 1-8. Students who meet all of the following criteria for every day in October will receive a free dress down and ice cream on a special day in November, and have their names displayed on a bulletin board on the first floor:

  1. Complete uniform every day.
  2. All classwork completed every day.
  3. All homework completed every day.
  4. No Incident Reports.

We hope to see as many students as possible on the Wall of Fame next month!

Parent Meetings

As a reminder, parents who have a classroom concern should address the classroom teacher first. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, please speak to Mrs. Angie Ciriaco, who will schedule a meeting with the parent, teacher, and an administrator.

Children of God

Finally, conflicts between children that occur at OLCA are resolved by faculty and administration. It is never appropriate or acceptable for a parent to address a child other than their own with regards to an incident in school.

It is also completely inappropriate for any member of the OLCA community to speak negatively in any way about a child who attends Our Ladys Catholic Academy. Remember always that every student who attends this school is another parents child. More importantly, they are a child of God, created in His own image.

Every child at Our Ladys Catholic Academy must be treated with love, dignity, and respect by every member of this school community. That is what we do here. This is who we are. We will allow nothing less.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne            Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun

Principal                                    Assistant Principal