Wednesday, Nov. 13

Religion: reread p. 101-103

Reading: Backpack p. 35 and  ws 

Spelling.  Sentences  and study

Math:  ws

Thursday, Nov. 14th

Religion: reread p. 101-105

Reading:  Reader p. 72-75    Backpack p. 34

Spelling: Study Words test

Dress Down Friday, Nov. 15th

November 12-15,2019


The tests scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 14th (Religion and Math), will be given on Friday, Nov. 15th, because I will be out of the building attending an all-day mandatory ELA workshop.

SPELLING WORDS (r-controlled vowels)

worst   word   worm   worry   early   earth   learn   heard   dollar   sugar   regular   calendar


Tuesday, Nov.12th 

Religion:   Study p. 98 TO HELP YOU REMEMBER and Chapter Review Vocabulary.  Reread p. 101 and answer the question with one example.

Spelling:    Write the words 3x’s each and study.

Math:         WS.   Review place value for the test. 

1. Be able to locate the ones, tens, hundreds place.  2. Be able to write a number in expanded form, standard form (the number), word form  3.  Be able to compare numbers using the <, >, and  = symbol  4.  Be able to write a number using a place value model representation (picture).

Math Test Prep-  I will send the math text home nightly for review work, but I need a parent’s signed permission in the planner to do so. I would like to avoid any mix-up about the extra weight in the bag.


Tuesday, Nov. 5th

Religion:   reread p. 92,  do activities on p. 91 and 93  Saint project due Nov. 12th

Spelling:   sentences- Try to use 2 words per sentence.  STUDY  test Thursday, Nov. 7th.

Read:         reread p. 60-63 in the reader. Answer the question in ELA notebook.

                    Journal assignment due Thursday, Nov. 7th.

Math:       ws     Test on Chp. 2 Place Value will on Thursday, Nov. 14th. 

Science:   Test on Lessons 1-3    p. 16-36 will be Nov. 12th.

Full dress uniform tomorrow- Class Picture Day

Wednesday, Nov. 6th

Religion:      reread p. 94  do p. 95. 

Spelling:       Word Work Book p. 50-51  and Study words test tomorrow!

Math:           Chp. 2 Review p. 147-148   (Are you working on Mathletics?)

Thursday, Nov. 7th and Monday, Nov.11

Religion:    Study p. 89-98  Test Tues. Nov. 13th.

Math:         Review p. 76-146 in text   Place Value  

Science:     Study p. 16-36

November 4-8,2019


Class pictures  Wednesday, Nov. 6   wear full dress uniform

Walk-a thon Thursday, Nov. 7 

No School for students  Friday, Nov. 8

Veteran’s Day, Monday, Nov. 11  no school

Saint Report: check:  or 


Spelling Words

dark    start     party     storm     forget     morning     dirt    thirsty     under     person     turn    purple

*The spelling words are r-controlled vowel spellings. The “r” controls the sound the vowel makes.



Monday, Nov. 4, 2019

Religion:    study the Our Father.     Test Wed. Nov. 6th    

Spelling:   3x’s each and study

Reading:  reread p. 56-59    answer questions for p. 58-59 “Picking Partners” in ELA ntbk.

Math:    ws

Science:   study p.16-29   Know the kinds and properties of matter.



An Update

Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, will be a dress up  day, not a dress down as originally posted.

Upcoming Test: Friday’s tests will be postponed until Monday. 

The Health assignment for Thursday will be done in school.  

Thursday’s Science assignment was a post of the pages to begin studying for the Science Test that will be at the end of next week.  Please know that I didn’t expect the students to read and study the 13 pages in one night. I wanted the children to know that it is time to begin preparing for the next test.

Happy Halloween!

October 28-November1, 2019


Oct. 31st     School Halloween Party

All students must have paid the $10.00 fee if they wish to wear a costume to school. The fee includes a $1.00 fee for the dress down on Friday, 11/1.

No student will be allowed into the Haunted House unless I have a signed permission slip with the Haunted House checked.


November 1st  All Saints’ Day   (holy day of obligation)

School will be opened, and we will attend 10:00 am Mass.


Spelling Words


lifted   lived   pushed   pulled   school   friend   people   outside   more  all    years    should

Monday, Oct. 28th

Religion:     Reread p. 82-83.  Study p. 77-81  See Review Questions Test Fri. Nov. 1st

                        Begin memorizing: The Our Father p. 57   (Test Nov. 6, 2019).

Spelling:     Write all words 3x’s each and study. Backpack 24

Reading:     Reread p. 54-55.  Share your reading on the United Nations with your family.

Math:        ws.

Health:      p. 47 ONLY  in  Facts About Eyes, Teeth, and Hair.

Writing:     Journal 

Tuesday, Oct. 29th

Religion:     Reread p. 84-86  Test Friday    Saint Report Project going home today

Spelling:     sentences    Please try to use two words in a sentence when possible.  Underline  the

                    spelling word in the sentence.   

Math:          ws

Science:     reread p. 24-29,  know the 3 states of matter and how they are alike and different.

Health:      p. 48 My Teeth


Wednesday, Oct. 30th

Religion: review chp. 6  p. 77- 86

Spelling:  Backpack p. 25-26  study words. Test Friday

Reading: Reread 56-57  “Real Inventions Work”    

Math:      ws


Thursday, Oct. 31

Religion:     study Test Chp. 6

Spelling:     study words test

Health:       ws. p. 49  My Hair


Friday, Nov. 1    (Suggested study work)

Religion:   study the Our Father p. 57     and work on Saint Project

Science:    study p. 17-29



Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

UN Day is tomorrow.   Dress up or ethnic clothing.

Religion:  p. 77-81

Reader:  reread p. 50-53. Answer questions in ELA notebook

Math:  p. 109  Mathletics

Science : study notes on matter.

Spelling: Backpack p.21 and study

Wednesday, Oct. 23,2019

Religion:  Study Chp. 5 p. 66-74 test Thurs.

Read:  reread p. 42-45               Spell:  Backpack p. 20 and study words

Math:  p. 103 only    and Mathletics

Social Studies:  ws

Tuesday, 10/22/2019

Mathletics username and passwords have been given out. Please do Number and Operation in Base Ten 1-4 first. Due date 11/04.  Spend 15-20 minutes per night working on it.

Religion:      reread and study p. 70-74 for test on Thursday.

ELA:             Backpack p. 19       Reading:  reread p. 40-41 Answer questions in ELA notebook.

 Spelling: sentences:  words 1-12.  You may use 2 words per sentence. Remember capitals and end punctuation marks.

Math:  ws. p. 97 ONLY

Bake Sale tomorrow. All items $1.00. Store-bought donations are welcomed.

October 21-25, 2019

Top Chocolate seller as of 10/18: Emilee Gangaram!!!  Great job!

Queens Zoo Field Trip

Our trip to the Queens Zoo was enjoyed by all. We learned many facts about some animals that are native to North America.  Did you know that the buffalo is native to Africa, and the bison is native to North America?  The children had a lot of fun feeding the animals, too.  Thank you to our chaperones who helped to make our trip enjoyable.


Spelling words:       mess     buzz     was    does    close    easy     class     quiz    because

                                          doesn’t        goes    busy

Monday, 10/21/2019

Religion: reread and study Chp. 5  p. 65-69     Chapter test will be on  Thursday, 10/24.

ELA:  Backpack p. 18        Spelling: 3x’s each       Reading:  reread p. 36-39 in reader

Math: p. 90-91