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2017 ELA Summer Reading Assignment

Graduation Letter 2017


7th Grade ELA Final Wednesday June 14, 2017

7th SS Final Thursday 6-15-17

7th SS Review



Homework due June 7, 2017

7th Grade ELA 2.3 words 7-12 Quiz tomorrow

Dred Scott comic strip due Friday- 4 scenes

8th Grade ELA Final Friday

SS Final Monday


Homework due June 6,2017

7th Grade Sectionalism Quiz tomorrow

2.3 Context Clues 7-12 words quiz on Wednesday

8th Grade ELA Final Friday SS Final Monday


Homework due May 25, 2017

7th Grade- Types of Noun Quiz tomorrow

Context Clues worksheet quiz Friday

8th Grade- Pearl Harbor Infamy speech worksheet

WWII Quiz tomorrow

Homework due May 24, 2017

7th Grade- Underground Railroad Letter and Nat Turner Rebellion projects due tomorrow

Quiz on nouns Thursday

Context Clues worksheet quiz on Friday

8th Grade- Pearl Harbor sheet paragraphs 1-4 or 5-8 summarization

SS Quiz Thursday

Homework due May 12, 2017

7th Grade- Verbals, Denotation, Connotation Test tomorrow

Nat Turner poster due Monday- Summary of the events followed by 3 reasons whether he is a hero or villain

8th Grade- Fireside chat- Hitler’s actions across Europe and declaring America not remain isolated or neutral and assist the allies


Homework due May 11, 2017

7th Grade- Industrial Revolution dbq

Hero or Villain Nat Turner- 3 points for each

ELA Test Friday denotation connotation, verbals

8th Grade- Fireside Chat #3 ? Explaining Hitler’s actions across Europe and desire for America to assist the allies- 3 paragraphs


Homework due May 10, 2017

7th Grade- Industrial Revolution DBQ Positive and Negative Effects. Answer Questions and underline

ELA Test Friday on Denotation, Connotation, Verbals

8th Grade- SS Test on WWII tomorrow

ELA Test Friday on Appositives and Denotation, Connotation


Homework due May 4, 2017

7th Grade- Andrew Jackson test tomorrow

8th Grade- WWII Quiz Tuesday

ELA Test Wednesday on denotation, connotation, verbals, appositives


Homework due May 2, 2017

7th Grade- Andrew Jackson Test Thursday

8th Grade- Bring #2 pencils


Homework due April 27, 2017

7th Grade- Andrew Jackson Test Friday

Active Passive Voice Worksheet

Active Passive Voice quiz Tuesday

Industrial Revolution Quiz Wednesday

8th Grade- Voices of Verbs worksheet

Social Studies Skit


Homework due April 26, 2017

7th Grade- Break work due tomorrow

ELA Coach book lesson 29

Andrew Jackson King Andrew or Champion of the Common Man essay

Andrew Jackson test Friday

8th Grade- ELA p376 story

Depression DBQ Essay due tomorrow



Homework due April 6, 2017

7th Grade- Code X p 247 Vocab Quiz

8th Grade- Elizabeth and Hazel Code X New Academic Vocabulary sentences, synonym, antonym

p350 Quiz Friday

Depression Test Tuesday

Continue to bring $5 for Ice Cream Sale


Homework due April 5, 2017

7th Grade-

Trail of Tears Journal Entry: 3 entries in total, 2 paragraphs each.

Journal Entry #1: This entry is taking place at your home with your family in Georgia. You and your family are eating dinner when all of a sudden US Army soldiers barge into your home pointing rifles at you and instructing you to get out. You and your fellow natives are rounded up in front of your home and instructed to pack all of your belonging in 20 minutes. The soldiers tell you Andrew Jackson has ordered for all Cherokee natives to be removed and sent to Oklahoma. You will describe the events and feelings you have at this time. Be descriptive.

Journal Entry #2: You will be writing while you are on the Trail of Tears. You and your fellow natives have been on this trail for weeks/months and have gone through cold and rainy conditions. There is sleet, freezing rain, food is running low, and your family members are dying. Write from the perspective of how life on the trail was for you.

Journal entry #3: You have finally arrived in your new home in Oklahoma. How does it feel? How was the trail? What type of conditions did you endure? How many members of your family/tribe are still alive? What do you think life will be like for you in your new home? How has your perception of this country changed?

p 247 Words Vocab Quiz on Thursday

8th Grade- FDR Alphabet Soup project

p 350 Code X Vocab Quiz


Homework due April 4, 2017

7th Grade- Journal Entry 1- Writing about you and your family in your home and then soldiers being sent in ?to kick you out of your home. Discuss your feelings and how you feel

8th Grade- Protesting FDR government involvement

Context Clues 2.5 Quiz tomorrow


Homework due March 30, 2017

7th Grade SS Test tomorrow

8th Grade- Fireside chat 3 paragraphs

ELA 3.5 Quiz tomorrow


Homework due March 28, 2017

7th Grade- Andrew Jackson Campaign Speech due tomorrow. 3 paragraphs using graphic organizer. Running for President in the Election of 1828.

Social Studies Test tomorrow

8th Grade- Third Fireside Chat draft due Friday on SEC AAA FDIC SS


Homework due March 23, 2017

7th Grade- How did Andrew Jackson go from being a man of the frontier to President of the common?

Code X p 248-249

8th Grade- Five words with denotations and connotations

First paragraph of fireside chat on banking

Depression Quiz Friday



Homework due March 22, 2017

7th Grade- Code X p 246-247 Questions 7-13

8th Grade- Coach Book 411-414

Depression Quiz Friday

ELA Quiz Thursday


Homework due March 21, 2017

7th Grade- Code X p 242-243. Synonym, antonym, sentences, Questions on p 243

SS Test Thursday Post Revolutionary War

8th Grade- Great Depression Quiz Thursday

ELA Quiz Wednesday

Code X p 244- synonym, antonym, sentences, definition

Coach Book p408-409


Homework due March 20, 2017

7th Grade- Monroe Doctrine Word Splash Writing Assignment

SS Test Thursday On Early Republic- Post Revolutionary War

8th Grade- Context Clue Worksheet 3.5 words Quiz on Wednesday

Great Depression FDR New Deal Quiz Thursday

New Deal Flipchart due Monday


Homework due March 17, 2017

7th Grade- Political Cartoon of Monroe Doctrine

ELA Perfect Storm Quiz tomorrow

8th Grade- FDR Campaign Speech final draft


Homework due March 9, 2017

7th Grade- Code X Questions 11-17 Unit 4

Quiz on words on Monday on Perfect Storm Unit 4

8th Grade- Depression Worksheet

Depression Hobo Activity

ElA Test Friday


Homework due March 8, 2017

7th Grade- Code X Unit 4 p156-157 Q7-10

SS Quiz tomorrow

8th Grade-

Bonus Army Soldier journal entries due

ELA La Vida Robot Test Friday


Homework due March 1, 2017

7th Grade- Thomas Jefferson memorial poster- How he was remembered. What were his accomplishments?

Persuasive Writing Draft due Thursday convincing Jefferson to purchase the Louisiana Territory using the three reasons from the graphic organizer.

Quiz March 8- Washington Farewell Address, Naturalization Act, Louisiana Purchase

8th Grade- Bonus Army March Letter to President Hoover draft due tomorrow.


Homework due February 28, 2017

7th Grade- Coach Book Lesson 10

Black History Month Project?Black History Month Project (1)

8th Grade- Coach Book Lesson 9

Unit 4 Code X Writing Performance Task p185


Homework due February 16, 2017

7th Grade- Washington Farewell Address Worksheet.

Washington King or President worksheet

8th Grade- Causes and Effects Great Depression Worksheet due Friday

The other 4 causes- create a flow chart of three points for each one.


Homework due February 14, 2017

7th Grade- Washington Farewell Address

Bill of Rights/Virginina NJ Plan Quiz Wednesday

8th Grade- 1920s skit due tomorrow

Roaring 20s test tomorrow


Homework due February 3, 2017

7th Grade- Bill of Rights Project

Great Compromise worksheet

Bill of Rights/Virginia NJ Plan quiz Tuesday

8th Grade- SS Quiz Monday

I Too Sing America worksheet due tomorrow


Homework due February 2, 2017

7th Grade- Bill of Rights assignment- Each Amendment translated in your own words with an illustration depicting the meaning of each.

8th Grade- SS Quiz Monday

Sacco and Vanzetti Posters due tomorrow


8th Grade- Sacco and Vanzetti worksheet

Five questions based on the evidence in the worksheet that a lawyer would ask Sacco and Vanzetti to find them as guilty.

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