4-1 Week of 11/12/19- 11/15/19

Thursday, 11/14:

  1. ELA- Worksheet “Coyote School News” questions
  2. Math– Worksheet 2-digit Regrouping/Traditional
  3. Science– Workbook page

Wednesday, 11/13:

  1. ELA- Worksheet Irregular Plurals 
  2. Math- Workbook page 176
  3. Science- Quiz Motion concepts

Tuesday, 11/12:

  1. ELA– Spelling Menu. Choose 1 from ANALYZE. ELA ntbk.
  2. Math– Quiz Area Models and Partial Products.
  3. Homeroom– Field trip tomorrow.  Gym uniform due to very cold weather. Bring snack and packed lunch. Those with school lunch will eat after coming back at around 130 so bring heavy snack.