Wk 10/7-10/11

Early dismissal 10/11/19 12 noon & no school on Monday 10/14/19

Specials for the wk: Teach “Days of the Week ” Fall poem! Make Fall Projects.  

Review letters taught” Aa, Bb, Cc

Introduce new Letter of the Wk: Dd, Identify the initial Dd sound in words. Teach the correct formation of the letter Dd.

Review Numbers 01and 2 ! Introduce new number of the Wk. 3, explore its value and number order using number line.

Religion: Discuss Celebrating wonderful things God for “US”, Teach Everything God has made is good!

H.W packets are coming home, please continue to supervise! Reading is for Fun and enjoyment, please encourage at home!

Reminders: Send in your UN information sheets and Chocolate orders!