Wednesday, May 13, 2020

May Crowning of Blessed Mother Mary by Miss P's PreK Pups | TpT


  1. Attend Zoom meeting 
  2. Word Work Book page 64
  3. Read “Tex McGraw’s Visit” pages 102-110
  4. Practice page 48 – review opposites
  5. Backpack page 31 spelling- review aw words
  6. Antonyms worksheet in Google Classroom

Read Aloud:

  1. Listen to the story – “The Great Kapok Tree”
  2. Complete the worksheet in Google Classroom ELA
  3. Think about how the animals depend on the Kapok tree. Also think about  –How can communities make decisions that benefit both their families and the animals that live within them?


  1. Complete the Do Now in Google Classroom
  2. Complete the Think Central Assignment