Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Trembling Veil of the Virgin Mary (Part One)


1.Watch the Brother Francis video “Born Into the Kingdom”

  1. Read over Baptism Material (saved in religion folder)
  2. Complete the activity on 93 Baptismal Font with the symbols of Baptism


  1. Word Work Book page 70 and 71
  2. Read “Slumber Party” 113-122
  3. Backpack pages 34 and 35 (Practice the spelling word with or and ar)
  4. Vocabulary word- vast – means a great amount or large in space. Use it in a sentence and draw a picture to go with your sentence.
  5. Vocabulary words – fear and report – use in a sentence


  1. Attend the Zoom meeting
  2. Think Central – complete the 2 assignments
  3. Go Math page 585-586