Principal’s Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In this final newsletter before Easter Recess begins, I am pleased to share with you another series of updates and upcoming events.

Registration for 2017-2018

Our registration for next year continues to outpace last year by a significant margin. Because so many new families have already registered, we can no longer guarantee seats for current students who did not register before the March 31 deadline for returning families. We already have forty new families starting in the fall, and we want everyone who is currently here to have a place for September. Please re-register as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already!

Homework Policy

An important clarification about homework policy at Our Lady’s Catholic Academy. Because homework is considered formative assessment, meaning that teachers use it to monitor student progress before quizzes and tests are administered, homework is never graded. It is only marked complete, incomplete, or missing. The classroom teacher corrects the homework in the classroom, and needs to know how well each student has mastered the skills and concepts taught on the previous day. This helps each teacher to adjust their instruction to each individual student, making it more likely that they will excel when it comes time for the actual test!

Raffle Sale

 Our Spring mandatory fundraiser begins on Monday, April 10, when raffle tickets will be distributed. This year, the grand prize drawing will be done for each campus at the Spring Show. While all families are welcome to participate, it is only mandatory to sell eighty raffle tickets if you didn’t participate in the Walk-a-Thon or if you didn’t sell at least six boxes of chocolate.

Easter Egg Hunt (Grades K-3)

On Monday, April 10, we will host a free Easter Egg Hunt at each campus: in the morning at Rockaway Boulevard, and in the afternoon at 128th Street. Thank you to Mr. Baldassare & Ms. Paz for organizing this event!

I wish all of you a blessed Easter season, and that you return to us after the recess with renewed spirit and hope, as we prepare to close out another great year at Our Lady’s Catholic Academy!

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne