Plan for week 5/11- 5/15

We will meet on Google Meets Monday, May 11th ( Lesson on rhyming words) and Friday, May 15th (show and tell) at 11.30 am for both days.

Morning assignments– Parents will use a website to review the following with kids: Calendar, Weather check-up, Months of the year, Days of the week, and name for each day. Children will sign their names, write the name for the day, and solve a few addition sentences. Copy “at” family words daily and write sight words (the) as well. Submit morning work on google classroom daily.


Google classroom Classwork and Homework assignments:

ELA- Phonemic Awareness Activity sheets – identify rhyming words, draw lines to show pictures/ rhyme match, color to show understanding of rhyming words, illustrate pictures to show pairs of rhyming words, trace rhyming words such as( tall fall small hall call ball) ( cake rake fake bake make take lake flake) ( at fat mat sat hat bat flat cat ) Review letters of the alphabet- fill in missing letters on activity sheets.


MATH- Activity sheets to reinforce addition skills, count and add groups, show work, and complete simple addition sentences such as 2+3=? 4+2=? 3+ 2= ?? + 4=5. Review more and less, equal, and same.

Specials: Introduce new fable for the week, “The boy who cried wolf”, A video will be posted on google classroom for children to watch on Friday, May 15th, and illustrate their favorite part. Share with classmates on google classroom.