OLCA Family Handbook

Our Lady's Catholic AcademyGood Morning Parents and Guardians,

Today, you have received a copy of the OLCA Family Handbook 2018-2019. This year’s handbook features significant changes and additions.  New families, please review the handbook in its entirety to familiarize yourself with our policies. 

For returning families, here is a brief summary of additions and changes from the previous handbook for your reference.

Attendance Policies (Change)

School is from 8:15 – 3: 15 for all grades this year, including 6th through 8th.

Birthdays (Change)

For invitations to birthday celebrations to be distributed in the classroom, either all students must be invited, or all students of the same gender of the birthday child must be invited.

Cell Phones & Electronics (Change)

Cell phones may now be used in the classroom for instructional purposes at the discretion of the teacher. At all other times, cell phones must be off.

Diversity (Addition)

A statement on our commitment to diversity has been added.

Graduation & Step Up Fees (Addition)

An explanation of the annual fees for graduation/step up (Grades N, PK, K) has been added.

Handwriting (Addition)

A new policy regarding handwriting has been added.

Home Academy Association (Addition)

Contact information for the Home Academy Association has been added

Honor Roll (Change)

The following requirement was added to all levels of Honor Roll:

No In-School Suspensions (Lunch or Full-Day)

Lunch (Change)

Kindergarten students will now have lunch in the classroom instead of the auditorium.

Morning Snack (Change)

If a classroom includes a student with allergies, the snacks of all students cannot contain those allergens.

Sacrament Preparation (Addition)

Procedures and requirements for receiving sacraments have been added.

Social Media and Personal Communication Policies (Addition)

New guidelines governing communication between faculty/staff and parents/students, as well as postings on social media about OLCA by students and parents, have been added.

Uniform (Change)

Policies for winter shoe wear, as well as the February 2018 revisions to the uniform guidelines, have been added. Also, Dress Up, Dress Down, and Jewelry/Makeup guidelines, which were previously their own entries in the handbook, have been moved to the Uniform section.

Volunteers (Change)

Lunch room volunteer policies have been revised.

Wall of Fame (Change)

The following criteria has been added to Wall of Fame:

            No Unexcused Latenesses or Absences

Thank you for taking the time to review the Handbook.  Please return the signed agreement to your child’s homeroom teacher by Thursday, September 6  (Grades K-8.)

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne                                    Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun           

Principal                                                          Assistant Principal