Monday, March 11, 2019


Math page 421-422


1. Backpack page 1- practice reading

2. Please cover with clear contact and reinforce the front and back with cardboard.

3. Please cover the new reader, More Adventures of the Superkids,”  in a book sock. Do not use contact paper.

4. Please keep the old books at home, Adventures of the Superkids.


  1. worksheet
  2. Review sheet on line – test on Thursday

Social Studies:

  1. Castle of Needs and Wants – page 3 – complete the sentence and draw a picture.  Finish coloring the book.
  2. Social Studies test on Friday. Review sheet on line

**Trip money was due today.  Our trip is to Queens College to see “Caps for Sale.”  The show starts at 11:45 AM.  We will have snack before we leave for the show around 10:30 AM.