Leadership Newsletter

Our Lady's Catholic AcademyDear Parents and Guardians,

The first month of school is already coming to an end, and we have a busy October coming up.

Here are some important updates, starting with events on the October calendar:

Catholic High School Fair & Information Night

Wednesday, October 4 ? 6 PM

Our annual information night for Catholic High Schools is open to all students and parents from Grades 5-8. Representatives will be here from several schools and will be able to answer your questions and share informational materials. Many past OLCA students have made their decision to attend a Catholic high school based on this fair. Students attending are reminded to dress up or to wear their school uniform.

Terra Nova Testing

Tuesday, October 10 ? Thursday, October 19

Our annual diagnostic testing for Grades 3-8 begins on Tuesday, October 10. The only preparations required for this testing are a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast. These tests help our teachers determine where their students are right now, and the results will be used to adjust instruction for the remainder of the year.

OLCA Gives Back

Since school opening, we have been doing many charity fundraisers to help individual members of the OLCA school community and those with similar circumstances. We will continue this in October, with special dress down days for breast cancer research (October 11) and leukemia research (October 18.) A parent will also be donating a Nintendo Switch to be raffled off to assist their ailing relative in Puerto Rico, which was recently devastated by Hurricane Maria. Finally, our eighth grade, in collaboration with the parish, will be doing a food drive this month to help stock the local pantry.

We thank all of you for your participation so far, and if there is a cause that you wish to bring to our attention, please e-mail me at kcoyne@olcademy.net.

OLCA Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your participation in our ongoing gym uniform and book sale. All proceeds will go to local scholarships for OLCA families in need. Applications for this scholarship will be available in early October.

October Bills

Our monthly bills will be distributed tomorrow.  Included on this bill will be the third tuition payment and the $250 mandatory fundraising contribution, which is the amount each family must raise for our Walk-a-Thon on Friday, October 20. This money isnt due until Monday, October 30.

Class Lists & Partner Teachers

At this time, all class lists have been finalized and no further transfer requests will be honored. Partner teachers will work together, under the supervision of the administration, to ensure consistency in instruction and assessment.


At OLCA, we never want a child to go home hungry. Please assure your children that if they have ordered lunch and their name isnt called, they should tell an adult on duty immediately. Even if a child hasnt purchased lunch for the day, we will always provide a meal, so also let your children know to tell an adult if they have no lunch for whatever reason.

Classroom Supplies

Many parents are asking if supplies will be replenished throughout the year. The answer is yes, they will be!

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame begins in October for Grades 1-8. Students who meet all of the following criteria for every day in October will receive a free dress down and ice cream on a special day in November, and have their names displayed on a bulletin board on the first floor:

  1. Complete uniform every day.
  2. All classwork completed every day.
  3. All homework completed every day.
  4. No Incident Reports.

We hope to see as many students as possible on the Wall of Fame next month!

Parent Meetings

As a reminder, parents who have a classroom concern should address the classroom teacher first. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, please speak to Mrs. Angie Ciriaco, who will schedule a meeting with the parent, teacher, and an administrator.

Children of God

Finally, conflicts between children that occur at OLCA are resolved by faculty and administration. It is never appropriate or acceptable for a parent to address a child other than their own with regards to an incident in school.

It is also completely inappropriate for any member of the OLCA community to speak negatively in any way about a child who attends Our Ladys Catholic Academy. Remember always that every student who attends this school is another parents child. More importantly, they are a child of God, created in His own image.

Every child at Our Ladys Catholic Academy must be treated with love, dignity, and respect by every member of this school community. That is what we do here. This is who we are. We will allow nothing less.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Kevin John Coyne            Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun

Principal                                    Assistant Principal