Leadership Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for a wonderful start to the new school year. This newsletter is intended to supplement the weekly parent alerts with additional information. If you have not been receiving these alerts via e-mail and text, please call the main office and we will review our Option C contact information with you.

Back to School Night

Tuesday, September 11

6:30 PM & 7:00 PM

As a reminder, tonight we will host two classroom orientation sessions. Session I is at 6:30 PM and Session II is at 7:00 PM. The programs will repeat, so you can attend more than one session if you have more than one child enrolled at OLCA. Parents of students in Grades Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten should gather in the Early Childhood Center. Parents of students in Grades K-5 may go directly to their child’s classroom. 

For Junior High (Grades 6-8), there will be only one Session at 6:30 PM in the auditorium, with all of the Junior High teachers.  At 7:00 PM, there will be a meeting for 8th Grade parents only regarding High School, Confirmation, and Graduation.  It is highly recommended that eighth grade students attend as well.

There will be refreshments for our parents and guardians outside the main office, courtesy of our Home Academy Association. We will also be selling discounted gym uniforms and giving away free gently used regular uniforms that have been donated by current and former OLCA families.

Lunch Hours

Grades 5-8: 11:00 – 11:45

Grades N, PK, K: 11:30 – 12:15

Grades 1-4: 11:55 – 12:40

This year, we have shortened our lunch period and adjusted the schedule to the times above. If you are dropping off your child’s lunch or having it delivered, please be sure that it arrives by the start time of their lunch period so they have enough time to eat it! When weather permits, the lunch period may be extended by fifteen minutes for outdoor recess in the upper and lower yards.  A limited selection of drinks and snacks will be sold every day. We also have additional lunches prepared should your child need one. No child will ever go hungry at OLCA, so please remind your child to ask an adult in the lunchroom if they are in need of something to eat.


Wednesday, September 19 at 6:00 PM

OLCA is hosting a free VIRTUS training for parents who wish to volunteer at the academy or would like to chaperone on school trips. You can register online at virtus.org or in person on the night of the training.


 All students must be in complete uniform to attend classes, beginning the week of Monday, September 17. If there is a delay or special circumstance, please notify the office in writing for a time extension.  Please note that students in grades K-8 must wear their gym uniforms on gym days. Nursery and Pre-K wear the gym uniform every day.

Students with Individualized Services

If your child is entitled to services such as OT, PT, Speech, SETSS, or Counseling, as mandated by an IESP, please submit a copy of the IESP and the authorization form to Mrs. Kelly in the main office as soon as possible. For most services, we can begin them within a week of receiving these documents, as our providers are all on site.

FACTS Tuition Management

A reminder that we strongly discourage using cash payments for tuition, and that all parents can pay online through FACTS Tuition Management. If you are having trouble with your FACTS account or need it to be set up, please e-mail us at office@olcacademy.net and we will assist you.

Home Academy Association

The Leadership Committee of our Home Academy Association has planned many activities throughout the year, and they are looking for the input and assistance of as many OLCA families as possible. Today, they graciously hosted a breakfast for our faculty and staff, and they will be providing refreshments at this evening’s Back to School Night. Want to get involved? Just e-mail them at parents@olcacademy.net.   All feedback is welcome, because it is through open and honest communication that we learn and grow.

Security Procedures and Upcoming Drills

As you may have noticed, we have new alarms on all of our doors, as well as additional cameras throughout the building. We also now have a security guard during school hours. We will soon begin another important part of keeping our academy safe: practicing for emergency situations. For the parents of our youngest students, please begin preparing them at home for fire drills and lockdown drills.  During a fire drill, we quietly leave the building for a short time and then return. For a lockdown drill, we close and lock the door and go to a safe place within the locked space.  Both of these types of drills can be practiced at home, and can help them be more prepared for when these drills begin at school.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to contact us.  We can be reached by phone at (718) 641-1316, and a full staff directory with e-mail addresses can be found on our website at www.olcacademy.net . All of us, from the principal, assistant principal and office staff, to the teachers, teacher’s aides, after school staff, and facility manager, are here to ensure the safety, well-being, and outstanding education of your child.

Sincerely in Christ

Mr. Kevin John Coyne           Mrs. Debra Eisenbraun

Principal                                    Assistant Principal