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Welcome to our Kindergarten class page!


Kristina Traverso (Teacher) ?
Iraida Figueroa (Aide) ?


Good Morning! This is our last week of Kindergarten.

As the school year is winding down, here are a few dates to keep in mind. It has been a pleasure working with each one of your children and watching them grow throughout the year!


Friday, June 16th- 1/2 Day

Monday, June 19th- Last Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday, June 20th- Kindergarten Graduation 9 am

Homework for the week of June 12th

Monday 6/12

Superkids: pages 39 and 41

Math: Review sheet

Spelling: Write each word three times each.

Wig, wall, wing, wash, wet, key, kick, kind, kid, keep.

Tuesday 6/13

Superkids: pages 47 and 51

Math: Review worksheet

Spelling: Write a sentence for the words that begin will the letter Ww.

Wednesday 6/14

Superkids: pages 53 and 55

Math: Review worksheet

Spelling: Write a sentence for the words that begin with the letter Kk.

Thursday 6/15

Superkids: Pg 56

Math: Reiview worksheet

Spelling: Study

** 1/2 Day Tomorrow!!! Friday 6/16

Have a Fantastic last week of Kindergarten!

Love, Ms. Traverso

Homework for the week of June 5th

Superkids: pages 30 & 31

Go Math: pages 697-698

Spelling: Write spelling words 3 times each

Vet, van, vest, vase, visit, has, did, still, and, put

Book Report: Due Friday

Tuesday 6/6

Superkids: page 32

Go Math: pages 703-704

Spelling: Write a sentences for words 1-5

Book Report Due Friday

Wednesday 6/7

Superkids: pages 33 & 34

Go Math: pages 709-710

Spelling: Write a sentence for words 6-10

Book Report Due Friday

Thursday 6/8

Superkids: pages 36 & 37

Go Math: pages 715-716

Spelling: Study spelling words!

Book Report Due Tomorrow!

** 1/2 Day Tomorrow, Friday, June 9th


Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend!

Homework for the week of May 30th

Tuesday: 5/30

Superkids: Pg 27

Go Math: Review Sheet ?*Measurement Assessment Tomorrow!

Book Report: Due Friday

Wednesday: 5/31

Superkids: pg 28

Go Math: Worksheet

Book Report: Due Friday

Thursday: 6/1

Superkids: Pg 29

Go Math: Lesson 12.1

Book Report: Due Tomorrow


Happy Monday! ?The students have their spring show on Wednesday, May 24th beginning at 6:30. Students are to arrive in their classrooms by 6:00 wearing black pants or a skirt and a white shirt. Friday is a half day of school.

Monday, May 22nd

Superkids: Mm & Nn review worksheet. Assessment Tomorrow

Go Math: pages 659-660

Spelling Words: Pop, plum, pet, past, picnic, put, to, said, like, you

Write each word three times each.

Tuesday, May 23rd

Superkids: Writing worksheet

Go Math: pages 665-666

Spelling: Write sentences for words 1-5

Wednesday, May 24th

Superkids: page 25

Go Math: pages 671-672

Spelling: Write sentences for words 6-10

** Spring Concert Tonight! Please arrive at 6:00

Thursday, May 25th

Superkids: page 26

Go Math: pages 677-678

Spelling: STUDY!

*** Half Day Tomorrow! Friday May 26th! 11:25 dismissal.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! =]


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mothers Day! This week is Spirit Week at OLCA, for $10 your child may dress down to themes each day this week.

Spelling words for this week are: Key, kid, kick, keep, kind, not, I, very, am, last

Homework Week of 5/15-5/19

Monday 5/15

Superkids: Mm page 20

Go Math: Pages 631-632 * ASSESSMENT Wednesday**

Spelling: Write each spelling word three times each.

Tuesday 5/16

Superkids: Mm page 21

GO Math: Review Sheet Assessment Tomorrow

Spelling: Write a sentence for words 1-5

Wednesday 5/17

Superkids: Mm pg 22

Go Math: worksheet

Spelling: Write a sentences for words 6-10

Thursday 5/18

Superkids: Mm page 23

Go Math: pages 653-654

Spelling: STUDY!!!



Homework for the week of May 8th 2017

** $1 Dress Down: Tuesday 5/9 and Friday 5/12

SPELLING WORDS: Mud, must, mix, mess, mug, drum, glum, crust, slim, slam

Monday 5/8/17

Superkids: Nn page 16

Go Math: Pages 607-608

Spelling: Write each word three times each

** $1 Dress Down Tomorrow!**

Tuesday 5/9/17

Superkids: Nn page 17

Go Math: pages 613-614

Spelling: Write sentences for words 1-5

Wednesday 5/10/17

Superkids: Nn pg 18

Go Math: pages 619-620

Spelling: Write sentences for words 6-10

Thursday 6/11/17

Superkids: Mm pg 19

Go Math: pages 625-626

Spelling: STUDY! Test Tomorrow!

Have a fantastic Weekend and Wishing You a Wonderful Mothers Day!




Spelling Words for Week of May 1st

  1. Nest 2) new 3) net 4) nut 5) nice 6) on 7) in 8) no 9) can 10) get

Monday, May 1st

Superkids: Rr page 12 ?*Bb and Rr ASSESSMENT Wednesday*

Go Math: pages 583-584

Spelling: Write words 3 times each

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017

Superkids: Rr page 13 *Assessment Tomorrow!*

Go Math: pages 589-590

Spelling: Write sentences for words 1-5

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

Superkids: Review worksheet

Go Math: pages 595-596

Spelling: Write sentences for words 6-10

*1/2 Day Friday 5/5*

Thursday, May 4th 2017

Superkids: ?Nn page 15

Go Math: pages 601-602

Spelling: Study!

1/2 Day Tomorrow, Friday 5/5. 11:30 Dismissal


Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful vacation!

Spelling words for this week: Rub, Rag, red, run, rug, room, scrub, bag, hug, tub

Homework Week of April 24th

Monday 4/24/17

Superkids: R r pg 8

GO MATH: Lesson 9.11

Spelling: Write first five words 3 times each

Tuesday 4/25/17

Superkids: Rr pg 9

GO MATH: Lesson 9/12

Spelling: Write?sentences for first five words

Wednesday 4/26/17

Superkids: Rr pg 10

GO MATH: Review Sheet Assessment Tomorrow!

Spelling: Write sentences for the rest of the?words

Thursday 4/27/17

Superkids: Rr pg 11

Go Math: Worksheet

Spelling: Study Spelling Words!

April 10th, 2017

We will be having an Easter Celebration on Tuesday, April 11th. ?If you wish to donate to our party you are more then welcome! =]

Homework: Monday 4/10/17

Superkids: Review sheet

Go Math: Review Sheet

Over the vacation the students will be completing a project. Please click the attached link for further information and examples.

Kindergarten Earth Day Project

Have a Wonderful and Restful Vacation!

April 3rd, 2017

We are now in April and that means time for spelling words. Each week the students will get 10 words, 5 spelling words and ?5 memory words. Each night they will have homework using these words and will have a spelling test every Friday.

SPELLING WORDS: Bus, big, best, bug, but, of, the, a, off, is

Monday 4/3/17

Superkids: Club pg 3

Go Math: pages 533-534

Spelling: Write each word 3x each

Tuesday 4/4/17

Superkids: Club pg 5

Go Math: pages 539-540

Spelling: Write 5 sentences

Wednesday 4/5/17

Superkids: Club pg 6

Go Math: pages 545-546

Spelling: Write 5 sentences using other 5 words

Thursday 4/6/17

Superkids: Club pg 7

Go Math: 551-552

Spelling: STUDY Test tomorrow!



March 27th, 2017

Monday, March 27th

Superkids: US pg 81 * ASSESSMENT WEDNESDAY**

GO MATH: pages 509-510

Tuesday, March 28th

Superkids: US pg 82 ?**ASSESSMENT TOMORROW!**

GO MATH: pages?515-516

Wednesday, March 29th

Superkids: Letter Review Sheet

GO MATH: pages 521-522

Thursday, March 30th

Superkids: Superkid Club page 2

GO MATH: pages 527-528

Dress Down Friday, March 31st

March 20th, 2017

  • Half Day of School Friday, March 24th Due to Report Cards from 3 PM-7 PM

Monday March 20th

Superkids: HOT ROD pg 76

GO Math: Review Sheet Chapter 8 Assessment Tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 21st

Superkids: US pg 78

GO Math: Worksheet

Wednesday, March 22nd

Superkids: US pg 79

GO MATH: Pages 497-498

Thursday, March 23rd

Superkids: US pg 80

GO Math: Pages 503-504

MARCH 13th, 2017

Friday, March 17th, marks the end of the 2nd Trimester.? A letter with appointment times will be sent home?in your childs folder today?for Report Card Conferences (Scheduled for Friday, March 24th).?Kindly choose a time slot and return to school by Thursday, March 16th.? Thank you.



Spring pictures for next week have been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 26th.? More information will follow.



Please check your childs folder or the school website for an update on the weather and school closing on Monday evening.? We are expecting a winter storm that is anticipated to drop 10+ inches into Tuesday and Wednesday.? Please everyone be safe! If? we are in school, there is a Dress Down Day.


WEEK OF MARCH 13th-17th


Monday, March 13th

Literacy:??SUPERKIDS?Hot Rod pg 72

Math: GO MATH workbook pages 457-458


Tuesday, March 14th

Literacy: ?Superkids Hot Rod Pg 73

Math: GO MATH workbook pages 463-464


Wednesday, March 15th

Literacy: ?Superkids Hot Rod pg 74

Math: GO MATH workbook pages?469-470


Thursday, March 16th

Literacy:??SUPERKIDS?Hot Rod pg 75

Math: GO MATH workbook pages?475-476







Homework for the week of March 6th

Monday 3/6

Superkids- Ettabetta pg 68

Go Math- Pages 433-434

Tuesday 3/7

Superkids- Ettabetta pg 69

Go Math: Pages 439-440

  • $1 Dress Down Tomorrow!

Wednesday 3/8

Superkids: Ettabetta pg 70

Go Math: Pages 445-446

Thursday 3/9

Superkids: Ettabetta letter Ee worksheet

Go Math: pages 451-452

Have a Wonderful Week!

Welcome Back! =]

I hope everyone had a restful week off.


Monday, February 27th

  • Five senses project due Tomorrow!

Superkids: Letter Ff worksheet

GO Math: Pages 413-414

Tuesday, February 28th

Superkids: Letter Ff worksheet

Go Math: Pages 419-420

Wednesday, March 1st


Superkids: Ettabetta page 66

Go Math: Review sheet: Assessment Tomorrow

Thursday, March 2nd

Superkids: Ettabetta pg 67

Go Math: Worksheet


FEBRUARY 17th, 2017



?5 Senses Project due Tuesday, February 28th


FEBRUARY 16th, 2017

Going home in your childs folder today is their winter recess project.? It is a fun activity that your child will enjoy doing.? This project is due back on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28th.


Kindergarten 5 Senses Project

Over the past 2 weeks in Science, we have been discovering the physical environment. We started with a mini unit on the 4 Seasons, which brought us into our unit on the 5 senses. Students elaborated on each season and spoke of how the 5 senses are a part of them. For example, students gave such responses as:

We sweat in the summer (feel, see). The sun is shining (see). It is very hot (feel). You can go swimming to cool off (feel, see). My parents like to barbeque (see, taste, smell, touch).

We are learning how to use our Five Senses to gather information and explore the world around us.?These senses are so important to everyday life. We use them all without even knowing it. In class, we have been sharing ideas for exploring the 5 senses. Students asked questions and made predictions that were addressed through scientific investigation.

As a culminating activity to this unit, students will create a 5 Senses poster that will include the following sections: SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, SEE, HEAR.? Under each section, students will either draw or cut out pictures that pertain to each sense.? They may also use real life objects too. Be creative! There must be a minimum of 4 pictures per sense.? Please see below for examples.

FEBRUARY 13th, 2017

On?Monday, February 13th, we will celebrate the 100th day of school. Students will share their posters, be presented with certificates, and have a little classroom party.?If youd like to bring in a treat for the class, please make sure to do so on Monday. However, this is not mandatory.


We will also be having a Valentines Day Celebration on Tuesday. If your child will be bringing in cards or goodies for the class, please note that there are 27 students.? Thank you.


This week is the special $10 DRESS DOWN for OLCA GIVES BACK. Please?take a look below at the suggested colors to be worn for the charities on different days of the week.? YOU MAY ONLY WEAR THESE COLORS IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE $10 DRESS DOWN DAY.

Monday 2/13: Wear BLUE AND GOLD for Catholic Charities


Tuesday 2/14: Wear PINK or WHITE for American Cancer Society

Wednesday 2/15: Wear a HOODIE for the Trayvon Martin Foundation


Thursday 2/16: Wear RED for Sickle Cell Foundation


Friday 2/17: Wear PURPLE for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation



Meet FRITS, our newest Superkid! He will be teaching your child the sound for the letter Ff. Frits loves to watch fish flip flop in the water as he fishes.? We will discover?truly fascinating things about him as we decode words during?some of his?many adventures.




Monday, February 13th

Literacy: ?Frits pg 61

Math: GO MATH workbook pages?389-390


Tuesday, February 14th

Literacy: ?Frits pg 62

Math: GO MATH workbook pages?395-396


Wednesday, February 15th

Literacy:??SUPERKIDS Frits 1.65 (page 63)

Math:?GO MATH workbook pages 401-402


Thursday, February 16th

Literacy:??SUPERKIDS Frits 1.65 condt.?(page 64)

Math: GO MATH workbook pages 407-408



FEBRUARY 6th, 2017

Happy February! We will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week. Take a look at the schedule below:


Monday, February 6th? Blue and Gold Day for Rockaway Blvd,?Regular School Day for 128th Street.


Tuesday, February 7th- Blue and Gold Day for 128th Street, Regular School Day for Rockaway Blvd



Wednesday, February 8th- Career Day! Come dressed in what you want to be when you grow up



Thursday, February 9th- Mission and Vision Day



Friday, February 10th- Teacher Appreciation Day

*Assembly in the auditorium at 10:00am*




Next week is the special $10 Dress Down Days that will benefit different associations.

Monday 2/13: Wear BLUE AND GOLD for Catholic Charities

Tuesday 2/14: Wear PINK or WHITE for American Cancer Society

Wednesday 2/15: Wear a HOODIE for the Trayvon Martin Foundation

Thursday 2/16: Wear RED for Sickle Cell Foundation

Friday 2/17: Wear PURPLE for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation




Monday, February 6th

Literacy: ?SuperKids?TicTacToc workbook 1.60 (page 57), Progress Test 4 Friday

Math: GO MATH workbook pages 365-366


Tuesday, February 7th

Literacy: ?Superkids Tic,Tac,Toc workbook pg 58, Progress Test 4?Friday

Math: GO MATH workbook pages 371-372


Wednesday, February 8th

Literacy: ?SuperKids Tic,Tac,Toc pg 60, Progress Test 4?Friday

Math: GO MATH workbook pages?377-378


Thursday, February 9th

Literacy:??SUPERKIDS Progress Test Tomorrow!

Math: GO MATH workbook pages?383-384



?Monday, January 30th 2017

Monday,January 30th

Superkids: Tic, Tac, Toc page 54

Go Math: Subtraction page 345-346 *Assessment Thursday

  • Graduation Pictures Thursday 2/2. Students must wear full uniform
  • 1/2 Day Friday 2/3

Tuesday, January 31st

Superkids: Tic, Tac, Toc page 55

Go Math: Subtraction pages 351-352 * Assessment Thursday

  • Graduation Pictures Thursday 2/2 Students must wear full uniform
  • 1/2 Day Friday 2/3

Wednesday, February 1st

Superkids: Tic, Tac, Toc page 56

Go Math: Subtraction review sheet. Assessment Tomorrow

  • Graduation pictures Tomorrow! Students in full uniform
  • 1/2 Day Friday 2/3

Thursday, February 2nd. Happy Ground Hog Day!

Superkids: Tic, Tac, Toc page 57

Go Math: Addition and subtraction worksheet

  • 1/2 Day Tomorrow! 11:25 dismissal



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