Homework for the week of 3/25 – 3/29

Math Exam Update: The Math assessment that was administered today (3/27) will be handed back tomorrow. Due to the exceptionally high class average, test corrections will be not in effect for this particular test. Congratulations to the students who have already worked so hard to improve their third trimester grades with this first math exam! Let’s keep this momentum going!

In the third trimester, Spelling quizzes will be every two weeks, with a more focused look at specific vocabulary words. Our next spelling quiz will be on Friday, March 29. 

Additional math practice can be found at:
Khan Academy

Mega Math

Math pgs. 521-522
ELA Daily Common Core (Day 1)
Spelling: write definitions and sentences for words #1-#10|
Religion: pg. 47

SPART HW – La Tarea Due TOMORROW, Ms Lobelle will collect tomorrow MORNING.

Complete a Word Tree with ALL ten Lent vocabulary words on the paper provided.  Neatness counts!

Math worksheet
ELA Daily Common Core (Day 2)
Spelling: write the parts of speech for each word (adjective, noun, etc.)

ELA Daily Common Core Day 3
Math worksheet
Spelling: write a non-fiction article using at least 5 of your words

  • Please have students bring in a 12-inch ruler no later than Monday, 4/1 – clear rulers are best, but any are acceptable