Tuesday June 11, 2019

ELA- Double sided worksheet.  Study notes and worksheet in notebook. Study “The Trumpet of the Swan” vocabulary.  Final Exam tomorrow.

Math- Finish “End of the year” packet.

Monday June 10, 2019

ELA- Double sided worksheet.  Study Trumpet Of The Swan vocabulary (finish definitions if not finished in class). Final Exam Wed. 6/12

1/2 Dismissal on Friday 6/14, Monday 6/17, Tuesday 6/18, and Wednesday ( last day of school) 6/19

Thursday June 6, 2019

ELA- Spelling worksheet. Final exam on Wed. 6/12

Math- Word problem worksheet.  Final exam on Mon. 6/10

Social Studies- Family Tree project due tomorrow!!

1/2 day dismissal tomorrow- Dress Up no Dress Down


Wednesday June 5, 2019

ELA- Worksheet- Vocabulary. Final on Wed 6/12

Math- Double Sided worksheet. Final on Monday 6/10

Social Studies- Final Project due Friday

Bring in a magazine for an in class project!!!!!!

1/2 day on Friday


Tuesday June 4, 2019

ELA- Grammar worksheet

Math- Perimeter Worksheet

Social Studies- Family  tree due Friday

1/ 2 day dismissal on Friday- no dress down on Friday

Thursday May 30, 2019

ELA- Worksheet- Time order words and Spelling

Math- Word Problem Worksheet

SS- Flag project due tomorrow

Bring in magazine for an in class project

Wednesday May 29, 2019

ELA- 2 worksheets

Math- Double sided worksheet

SS- Flag project due Friday

Bring in magazine for a class project by Fri.

Dress Up tomorrow

Tuesday May 28 , 2019

ELA- 2 worksheets.   ELA Final exam will be on June 12 (Grammar/Spelling)

Math- Workbook pages 585-586.   Final Exam will be on June 10

Social Studies- Flag due Friday.   Family Tree/Math portion due 6/7

Bring in magazine for class project.

NYState Science Performance Exam tomorrow. Please be on time for class!

Thursday May 23, 2019

ELA- Spelling worksheet.  Write words 5 times each- Quiz tomorrow.   Personal Essay due tomorrow- on looseleaf in cursive writing.

Math- Finish 709-714.  Mathletics

Social Studies Projects- Flag due May 31. Tree/Where toys come from due 6/7

Free Dress Down Tomorrow

Wednesday May 22, 2019

ELA- Grammar Worksheet

Math – Pages 701-702 and Math Worksheet

Social Studies Project- Immigration Flags due Friday 5/31 –  Family Tree and Math portion due Friday 6/7