Friday, June 19, 2020

Quotes about Reading elementary (52 quotes)

Good Morning!
Let us say our prayers. Remember to keep all the essential workers in our prayer. In a special way we ask God to watch over our fathers, grandfathers and uncles.

Next week: You will be given a date and time to drop off the readers and pick up anything your child left in school. As soon as I receive that information I will forward it to you.
Please use the Superkids portal . You will have access to the library, Super Smart and games. There is a great summer pack on the first page.
I will also be posting book on Epic.

June 15, 2020

Hello June | Happy june, Snoopy love, Charlie brown


  1. Word Work Book page 99
  2. Read “The Lost Mitt” pg 155-164
  3. Practice page 73
  4. Backpack page 46 and 47 (Spelling)


June 10, 2020

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  1. Word Work Book page 97 and 98 (practice decoding and encoding soft c and soft g words)
  2. Read “The Lost Mitt” reader page 155-164
  3. Backpack page 44
  4. Watch the video-
  5. Watch the video about soft and hard  c and g


June 9, 2020

Friend Re-Posted My Peace Message | heartprintsdotcom


  1. Sign into Superkids Online Fun and complete Unit 13 test
  2. Play a game after the test

Read Aloud:

“The Day the Crayons Quit”

Listen to the story.  Each crayon gives their opinion why they are important.  Complete the attach worksheet about your favorite color crayon.  Color the crayon. (In Google Classroom)


Social Studies:

  1. Watch the videos about the national parks

Friday, June 5, 2020

Child reading clip art webnode - WikiClipArt

Congratulations!!  Our class has finished 933 books on Epic.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy


  1. Sign into Superkids Online Fun, go to “Magazines” and read “Hot Stuff”
  2. Complete Practice page 63.  (due Monday)
  3. Play “Spell Memory Words” on the Superkids Online Fun
  4. Sign  into Epic Books – listen to one of the books that was assigned

Math :

  1. Complete assignments in EdCity today.
  2. Go to Happy Numbers and play for at least 20 minutes today.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Let us pray for peace in the world.


Please sign into Google Classroom Check In.  Complete the assignment posted.


  1. Use each spelling word in a sentence- due Wednesday (turn, bird, burn, third, again, does, cold, know, both, laugh)
  2. Word Work Book page 86, 87, and 88
  3. Read “The Garden Club” page 138 in the reader


  1. Complete the assignment in Google Classroom.
  2. Go on to Happy Numbers for 20 minutes.

June 1, 2020


  1. Attend Zoom meeting
  2. Read “Fire” pg 125-136
  3. Backpack page 40 
  4. Practice page 62


  1. Complete assignments in EdCity

Friday, May 29, 2020


  1. Complete Unit 12 test on Superkids Online Fun
  2. Complete one of the games


  1. Complete  activities in EdCity

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The month of May is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. May is a month of growth, when nature is reborn. This month normally belongs to the Easter season, between Easter and Pentecost. Many Catholics may be aware that May is consecrated to Mary.


  1. Read “Fire”
  2. Word Work Book page 81-82
  3. Practice page 61
  4. Backpack page 39 (spelling and memory words)
  5. Read Aloud “Volcano Rising”

Social Studies:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Complete the worksheet – due tomorrow

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


  1. Read “Fire” 125-136
  2. Word Work Book page 80
  3. Backpack page 38 (just write the pattern and memory words)
  4. Practice page 60 match the word with the picture. Glue on another piece of paper or in your star notebook.  Pay attention to the underlined letters.


  1. Read over “The Great Commandment”

Cut the words out and put them in order.  Glue them on another piece of paper and color.


  1. Go Math – please complete 597, 598, 603, 604, 609, 610 (Due Friday) 
  2. On Friday there will be a quiz posted at 10:00 am on EdCity and Think Central
  3. Complete the Do Now5_27 Do Now Time to the Hour