Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Pin on Tattoos

Let us continue to pray for peace through out the world.

Today is the last instructional day.


  1. Word Work Book page 100 and 101
  2. Read “The Mitt” page 155-164
  3. Backpack page 48

Virtual Fun Calendar for the Month of May

Hi everyone, Attached you will find our virtual class calendar for the month of May.

Please note that all events are optional. Of course, we hope that many of our students participate. We understand that not all can always participate. We hope you enjoy!

Details will go out before each event. Some events like dance parties will take place via Zoom.
Please note this calendar is subject to change.

This Friday’s event is a dance party and will be at 3:00 pm. Dress up if you like, but wear your dancing shoes!  More to follow on Google Classroom.

 Click below. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Words from Jesus free clipart | Free clip art, Clip art, Kids art ...


  1. Word Work Book page 45
  2. Read “A Super Day At Happy Land” – reader pages 77-87
  3. Practice page 33


  1. Watch the 2 videos posted in Google Classroom
  2. Complete the worksheet


Friyayyyyy, March, 20, 2020

Good afternoon,

It appears that this mornings post did not appear here,  all classwork was posted in Google classroom.  Most of you completed your check in and your work.  If you have not done so please submit it by Monday. A few of you have not checked – in  at all.  This is how we are taking attendance. Please do so as soon as possible.  

Google Classroom: All classes need to be set up by Sunday;  Check – in, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, and PE. See the codes above.  

Beginning Monday we will be using Google Classroom for classwork and homework. You are expected to “check in ” at 9:00 am.

Zoom Video Conferencing: If we are going to have a Zoom it will be posted here and on Google Classroom. There will be one on Monday morning at 9:30 am. You will get the instructions via email, both the Student and the parent email.  Zoom sessions are for students not parents.  

Think Central, EdCity, Mathletics, and EPIC;  please make sure you have signed in to all of these.  If Epic Reading is asking for payment you did not follow the email link that was sent out.  You are joining the class with the code, do not set up an account.  Do not be concerned with the Superkids website right now. 

Scanning work: All work for the week that needs to be scanned back, should  be sent in one email for the entire week.  Work would be due by the following Monday morning.  You are sending one email, with your child’s name in the subject field.  

Website updates: Check the website  morning, noon, and evening.  I will answer emails all day and if need be I can call you.  Thank you all for your support, we will get through this together.

Stay safe and be well.

Ms. Vazquez


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Good morning class!  Happy Thursday.  

Please go into our Google Classroom,  ” Check In” .  Leave a comment;  this is how we will take attendance.  Here are our class codes, please make sure you enter each class every morning at 9:00.  Only leave a comment in Check In.

Google Classroom Class Codes:
Check In : v6jbx5u
Math : xrnr7em
ELA: idfi2os
Social Studies: tvi3wdx
Science: 7jb6xro
Religion: xctru6x

Physical Education:  3tgwwzy




Our Essential Questions; How can I make a model to help me compare numbers?
Objective: Solve problems using the strategy make a model.

  1. Complete the math drill for today in Math Google Classroom.
  2. Think Central:  Complete lesson for today.  7.4   Complete the corresponding pages in your Go Math p417 – 420 
  3. Log into EdCity complete the Greater than less than assignment.
  4. Watch Greater than and less than video posted in Math Google Classroom


Complete pages : 403. 404, 409, 410, 414, 415, 416, 421, 422



Writing prompt for today:

” The Very Big Polka-Dotted Fish”

Describe the fish.  Write at least three sentences.  What does it look like?  What color is it?  How Big!  as big as..…………

Please scan all your writing back to me in one email Friday afternoon.  



Word Work Book page 3 introduction to the Memory Words boy, girl, two, four, about, over, before
Reader page 5 review the contractions and story words for Ïcky’s Play and “The Spangle Spangle Talent Show”.”
Reader page 8 – 22 Read “The Spangle Spangle Talent Show”
Thank you for all your patience. It is a learning time for all of us.



Prayer for Lent
The holy season of Lent prepares us for Easter. Lent is forty days before Easter.

God, Father of us all , we thank you for sending Jesus to us.
By his life, death, and resurrection
he redeemed the world.
Help us remember
all that you have done for us
out of your unending love.
We pray today not only for our own needs
but for the needs of other people in our world.
During this holy season of Lent
we ask your forgiveness
for the wrong we have done to others
and the good we have not done.
May we make up for any harm that we have caused
and may we live in your love and mercy.
Help us to give praise to you by the way we live our lives
now and always. Amen





March, 18, 2020

Good morning Boys and Girls,  Happy Wednesday

Teachers were called to an unexpected meeting today, therefore I will not be on line or available for the next few hours.  I expect to be available after 3:00pm.  Below are some assignments to work on:

  • Todays writing prompt:  ” How I am helpful at home”.  Write at least three sentences, pay attention to capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  Each sentence should have a noun and a verb. 
  • Sign into Think Central, there is a math assignment there for you to complete.
  • There is a math drill on Google classroom for today.
  • The code for ” check in ” above is correct.
  • Sign in to EPIC,  following the email invite you received.  Sign in with the class code not as a parent.  DO NOT PAY to join it is free with the class code.  


March, 17, 2020

Time for independent reading:

Since we cant get to the library  we will be using EPIC Reading for independent reading.  And  you don’t need to keep a reading log any longer since EPIC logs your reading  for you.  An invite was sent to each of your emails.  

Sign into EPIC  and choose a book under ” Independent Reading For All” each day.  

Here are the sign in directions:  

Lap Top and Chrome Books

  1. Go to www.getepic.com/students
  2. Our class code is aiv0846
  3. Select your name

ios / Android

  1. Launch the Epic app
  2. Select “Have an account, Log In” 
  3. Click “Studenst & Educators”
  4. Class code aiv0846

March, 17, 2020 ELA Homework and Classwork

Todays writing prompt:
“Five Favorite Things to Do”
My five favorite things to do are………
Name your favorite things to do and tell why. I like to bake cookies because my family likes to eat them

Read “Icky’s Play” page 5-7
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xE-vw2ctqo -Contractions for kids
Word Work book page 1-2
Unit 9 words to know- audience, talent, explain
Use each word in a sentence in your star notebook.


Sign into Readworks; Read ” The Legend of Betsy Ross”. Due Monday, March 23rd.
Answer the Questions
Write the vocabulary words and the meaning in your Stat Notebook
Write about one thing you learned from reading the story, in your Star notebook. Use your vocabulary words. Write at least three sentences.


Scroll down for Math,

March, 17, 2020


Good morning Students.  Today is March, 17, 2020   Happy St Patrick’s Day.

The following are your weekly Math and ELA packets due March 20th.  Print them out and they must be scanned back in one email with your name and ” weekly ELA and Math packets” in the subject field.  Please return last weeks on March 20th as well.  Going forward all work will be submitted like this.  If you dont have a scanner there are several apps for smart phones that you can use to scan. ELA AND MATH Packet week of 3 17

Todays Daily Math Drill: Math drill 3_17 (1)   Submit with todays homework.

Today’s Math Classwork:  Chapter 7;  Compare Numbers 

Our Essential Question: How can I compare two numbers to find which is greater?

Objective: Model and Compare two – digit numbers to determine which is greater

Vocabulary: is greater than > ;  more in quantity or amount

Vocabulary review:

  • If I have 2 books on a shelf and add 3 more cups, I will have 5 books in all.
  • The difference of 9 minus 5 is 4. 
  • 3 markers is 4 fewer that 7 markers.
  •  38 is greater than 31.
  •  23 is less than 25
  • If you have 8 books and you buy 2 more, you have 10 books
  •  If we have 10 chairs and subtract 1 chair, we have 9 chairs keft.
  • The sum of 5 plus 3 is 8

Sign in to Think Central:  watch the video and complete page 399 and 400 in your Go Math book.  Complete 403 and 404 as homework.  Scan ONLY THE HOMEWORK pages back for grading in one email along with your ELA classwork with todays date and name in the subject field, by Friday March 20th.  

Watch the following You Tube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGvrG6049wE








March, 16, 2020

I will be sending everyone an email with email addresses, passwords and class codes by this evening.  We will begin to use Google Classroom on Wednesday.  Please take note of the following websites which will be used for classwork.  User names and passwords are all the same.  It is the Mathletics password we have been using.  If you need it let me know:

  • Mathletics
  • EdCity 
  • Think Central
  • Superkids

Work for tomorrow will be posted here tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.  

Keep checking here for updates several times a day.