Week of 4.1 – 4.5

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Reminders: Don’t forget to bring in a 12-inch (or longer) ruler for Monday. It should have an accompanying centimeter side. Please make sure they have a ruler ASAP. 

ELA Daily Common Core Day 1
Spring Word Search 
Write definitions for words 1-5
Math worksheet
Religion quiz tomorrow on Sessions 8 & 9

Common Core Day 2
Math pgs. 589-590
Spelling – definitions for words 6-10
There will not be any after-school sports club tomorrow, 4/3 – NO GYM UNIFORM


Common Core Day 3
Math pgs. 595-596
Spelling – sentences for words 1-5
Science Lesson Review pgs. 97-98


Please wear Gym uniform TODAY – Gym will be today, as it was postponed for Tuesday